Radi & Cherry

Venue: Sofia city centre

Lens: Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4 VR

Music: Tep No – Swear like a sailor (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czw0I2AWlfI) – one of her favorite songs

The winter was getting milder so with Radi we decided to make some photos outside around the streets and parks in the centre of Sofia. She is from a small town in the mountains and came to study in Sofia some years ago. Now she’s working in one of the big media companies in Bulgaria, but likes fashion and modeling so was happy to pose for me. As an added bonus she also took her little dog – Cherry.



Cup of coffee to warm up

Unfortunately it was still cloudy and dark outside, and you can see the remaining bits of unmelted snow around. The people that know Sofia will recognize this first set of pictures was taken in front of the National Palace of Culture, which will surely feature on a blog of its own someday. Next we decided to walk around the small streets off the main street Vitosha, and made some photos at random places on the street that we liked.

In front of small art shop on a side street


At the (non-functioning in winter) fountain in front of the national theater

At the end of our photo tour around Sofia we decided to stop for a drink at one nice cocktail bar to warm up, and made a new set of photos around it and inside. Afterwards it already got too dark for more photos and we decided to call it a day and meet again for more photos when the spring comes (which turned out to be quite soon).


Cherry on a bar stool

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