Venue: Miss Daffre atelier, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Dress designer: Dafelia

Make-up artist: Silvia

Music: Il Volo – Grande amore ( – her favorite song

My photoshoot with Hrisi was the most professional experience I’ve had so far. Hrisi herself is a model and a model manager at a model agency here in Sofia, and has connections with all the fashion people around. This is how she managed to organize us to make photos in the atelier of the dress designer Daffy and even have a professional make-up artist (Silvy) to help. Our only problem was the weather as it was dark and rainy all day, and we were mostly dependent on sunlight in the tiny atelier.


You can see the small corner of the atelier that we used as our main stage, and if you look carefully on one of the photos in the background you can see Hrisi herself from some previous photoshoot. So our plan was to try out photos with different dresses from the atelier, and drink some wine and chat in the meantime. Overall it took us the whole afternoon and evening with people dropping in constantly to say hi and stay for a glass of wine. So the tiny atelier barely managed to fit all the people and this is why all photos you see are from the last remaining corner not full of people and clothes.


As you see we took out the photos from the wall, to create the illusion the photos are made in a more spacious place, and tried to show the most of every dress and the different ways of wearing it. Unfortunately as the time went on the lighting was getting worse and we tried using the small lamps in the atelier, but there were less photos of good quality. Still we had a lot of fun and quite a lot of pictures, so we were all very happy with the outcome of our small photo project (not only from the amount of wine drunk).


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