Venue: “Borisova garden” park, Sofia
Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4
Music: Ed Sheeran – I See Fire ( – one of her favorite songs

The last weekend before my long trip to the US (coming soon here), the spring sun was still shining and Joy (or Radost as her name is in Bulgarian) was eager to make some nice photos with flowers in her hair. I was of course happy to assist as she is a good friend of mine, and we decided to try the “Borisova garden” in the centre of Sofia. It was a holiday and the weather was perfect, so the park was really overcrowded and it was hard to find a spot of nature without people around. Together with her natural shyness, this meant that we had to go deep in the park to find some more appropriate places for photos where people wouldn’t bother us so much. Along the way we picked up some dandelions and other flowers and managed to put them together in a sort of wreath and were ready for action.
Starting off simple
Another flower configuration
The final version

We of course tried some photos without the wreath of flowers to change the mood somewhat, and ventured further inside the park which is really big. She was still shy and uncomfortable with trying too many photos and poses, but the ones we did manage to make were quite successful.

Hat instead of flowers
Deeper in the woods
Very blue eyes


Our last stop at the far end of the park was a small training ground in the forest with some gym equipment outside. As she is quite fit and actually training pole dancing (yes, maybe you’ll see that someday) we tried some photos of her hanging from the gymnastic rings. This was the end of the phototrip and we headed to the nearest cafe for a beer.


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