New York, New York

Venue: New York, New York

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Petula Clark – Downtown (

This spring I spent about a month in Manhattan, New York. No amount of photos and movies can do justice to this city and describe how diverse and multifaceted it is, with all the good and bad things that go along with this. It is impossible not to love and not to hate different parts of how things work in New York, but it still sets many of the trends everywhere else in the world. I myself was so absorbed in living like a true New Yorker and trying not to miss out on something that I failed to bring my camera on many photo-worthy occasions. So you won’t see much of the countless restaurants, bars, museums, skyscrapers, rooftops, cabs, stairs, weird metro stations and regulations and most important of all, people – that I encountered during my visit. I will instead give you a not very representative set of sporadic moments that I captured and will comment a bit more on each picture and memory it brings.
I start with the countless stairs of the walk-up apartment I stayed in for a month. That’s right – there are no elevators! In the course of a month I probably spent an entire day of my life going up and down the stairs several times each day.
On the plus side, the walk-up apartment was on a street in midtown east where in a space of 100 metres you could get a beer in an Irish/American sports bar, a sandwich in an Italian panini shop, an Indian Kati roll, Thai noodles, Chinese duck, Japanese ramen, Halal street food, American cookies available 24/7, and of course – Starbucks coffee!
The usual influx of people and yellow cabs moving in all directions of Manhattan.
The countless “ONE WAY” signs on almost every crossing in Manhattan. Since 95% of the streets are indeed one way, I wonder how much money they spent to put 8 of these signs on every place two one-way streets meet.
The famous Flat Iron building and the constant traffic around.
A squirrel living happily metres away in Madison Square park
Another view to the landmark building from the crossing of Broadway and 5th Avenue.
An octopus antipasto in a 2 Michelin starred Italian fish restaurant.
A restaurant/bar in Hell’s kitchen, one of the many neighborhoods with tons of places to eat and drink.
Rooftop view of the moon rising over Manhattan Midtown.
Even New York is not always flashy – a rainy day view to the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and the cloud-covered Freedom tower – the newly built One World Trade Center.
Another photo in the rain – the view of Manhattan downtown from Brooklyn heights. One of the most famous photospots.
A shop for herbs and spice in Chelsea market.
10th Avenue as seen from the High Line – a former overground railroad turned into a small park for tourists above the streets of Chelsea.
Another shot from the High Line with Chelsea architecture and the Empire State building in the back.
The “Friends” building in Greenwich village – the facade of the residential building home of Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey, or at least what Hollywood made us believe was their home.
Line 6 of the New York metro, starting from Brooklyn Bridge station.
Grand Central terminal, an impressive and massive old school station building.
Chinatown – there still are some English language signs here and there.
A man pushing a cart up a street in Chinatown, the Freedom tower behind him.
The Yankees rule!
And when they don’t rule, there’s plenty of food around to make you forget your disappointment and spend some extra money.
View towards Midtown Manhattan and the Empire State building from Brooklyn bridge, with a random wedding photographer trying to work amongst the general crowd.
Brooklyn heights – a quiet family escape from the hustle on the other side of the river. You need a fortune to live there though.
The modern Americans way – you decide to go eco-friendly with biking, but you still need a huge SUV to keep the bike somewhere, right?
Let’s have a barbecue along the river – maybe not exactly what most of the people imagine as a day-off in nature, but the view is still impressive.
Brooklyn bridge among the blossoming trees.
Not only the regular cabs in New York are yellow.

9 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Wow! I envy you because your photographs capture a New York I’ve only ever witnessed on a television or movie theatre screen.This selection is incredible, and I’d happily frame any of them and hang them on my wall.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah you cheater, stealing my blog ideas!!! Just kidding, would love to see your photos 😉 the iPhone camera is also fine, during the day at least…


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