Venue: Central Park, New York
Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4
Music: Lost Frequencies – Are you with me ( – her favorite song
You might have noticed the lack of photos from Central park in my New York post, and now I will overcompensate with many photos from there. The spotlight falls however on Irina and not the park, as she kindly agreed to be my model for a couple of hours one sunny afternoon. She is originally from Ukraine but came to live in the States several years ago, eventually ending up staying in Brooklyn, New York. She is a mechanical engineer, so posing is not exactly her expertise, but her natural beauty easily compensates for her lack of experience. Her big smile, joyful spirit, and bright blue eyes make it very hard to guess her profession.
We made most of the photos on the little walkways behind The Lake, where tourists rent boats to escape the crowds around.
Starting with a serious look
A small dance on the alley
Sad face
Happy face
She then changed from her casual outfit into a white dress in order to fit in the spring atmosphere that afternoon in the park. We tried a wider variety of photos with her dancing on the streets, and some close up portrait pictures highlighting her eyes and smile.
Spring look


Her constant smile
On a bench
We also tried some really close photos of her hiding in the leaves of a tree, so that you can only see her eyes shining out.
For the last set of photos we moved a bit further in the park, around Shakespeare garden, and exchanged the white dress for a pink one. After that I had to let her go to her engineering studies, remaining with plenty of nice photos for processing.

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