A day in Washington, DC

Venue: Washington, DC and Arlington, VA

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: America the beautiful (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRUjr8EVgBg)

During my stay in the US I went to visit the capital for a few days, but I was quite unlucky to get a very rainy and cloudy weather. Still I managed to go around and see the main touristy places in Washington quite well, spending a whole rainy day in various museums that I won’t show. The next day the weather got slightly better and I managed to take out my camera. Unfortunately the clouds and humidity did not conspire for making the best photos ever, but I hope they still give you a bit of an impression.
But first a few words about Washington in general – it really has nothing to do with New York! This becomes obvious from the very first thing you see, the architecture. The buildings in Washington are not very tall, but are very vast and monumental, giving a certain grandeur to the capital. It is a city of parks, museums, monuments and memorials. You truly feel the history of the country here, as appropriate for the capital of one of the biggest world empires. Unlike the New York atmosphere where you feel everything is happening right now in this very moment and there is no before or after, Washington makes you think of an extended period of time starting from the far past and into the future.
Washington monument: no city can be the capital of the biggest world empire without a number of obelisks. Rome is still way ahead in numbers, but the obelisk in Washington is taller than any of its older brothers.
The usual tourist crowd, here making photos of the Washington monument obelisk from another president’s memorial, Lincoln.
The grave of JFK, another president that will be long remembered.
The view towards DC and the Potomac river from Arlington, Virginia.
Arlington national cemetery, where the heroes of the nation end up.
The endless rows of graves in a perfect geometric order do leave a lasting impression.
The cathedral of St. Mathew, which I found somewhat accidentally on my way to Shake Shack.
It had a beautiful inside, with lots of lanterns in various shapes and sizes.
Outside the White House, with the Washington memorial imposing behind it.
Understandably the security around it is very high, and this is the only place from which one has a clear view of Obama’s home for the next couple of months.
This squirrel however was totally unimpressed with all the security measured and seemed to be more interested in my camera instead.
A beautiful old building close to the White House, with the cops on motorbikes minding the tourists around.
The traffic can get heavy also in Washington, but the yellow cabs of New York are replaced by red ones with grey stripes.
A bit of youthful spirit among all the imposing buildings around – skaters showing their skills with the US Capitol down the road from them.

6 thoughts on “A day in Washington, DC

  1. It’s wonderful to experience the city, which I don’t know, through the eye of a good photographer. I enjoyed this very much, even if it emphasises how much I still have to learn with my own photography! 🙂


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