Desi & Vesi

Venue: My place, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Aaliyah – Rock the boat ( – a Desi’s favorite

Back home after my extended stay in New York, I had a jetlagged week of sleepless nights and sleepy days. The only good thing I managed to do was my photoshoot with Desi, who as an added bonus brought her friend Vesi. They came to my place one sunny evening in late May, and we decided it will be best to make photos on the balcony and catch the sunset.

The wind-blown Desi
Vesi, with wind-inflated shirt and hair

Desi and Vesi both came to Sofia to study and ended up in the same course in university, which is how they met. Desi already had some modeling experience and was quite comfortable in front of the camera while Vesi was more timid and we tried to get her to relax with some wine and some common photos with the two of them. In the end we made many more photos of Desi, but we had plenty of fun and nice photos of both of them.

We also tried some inside shots through the windows
Desi and her stunning green-blue eyes
Change of model and window
Back outside with a glass of wine

Then came the time to change outfit and move into more reddish tones, to match the setting sun, trying more combined photos and experimenting with the focus.


Vesi on focus
Reversing the focus and “switching on” the wind
Facing the sun

Then it was time for some individual shots, with Desi trying out an interesting jewel on her head that made me think of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I bet she’d do quite a job as a substitute of Emilia Clarke.

Am I right?
Or am I right?
Sunset flares


In the end we made a few more photos of Vesi on the balcony and then moved to my other balcony hiding from the sun, where we finished with some more shots of Desi and the plans to meet again with some more photo ideas.

Vesi looking more comfortable in front of the camera
Vesi squinting in the sunlight


A black and white version


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