Venue: Abandoned hotel, Simeonovo, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Sombear – Love you in the dark ( – a favorite song of hers

It was again time for some photos in my favorite abandoned hotel in Simeonovo, and this time the lead role was for Asia, who has quite a unique story herself. She is Polish and moved to live in Bulgaria several years ago. By now she already speaks perfect Bulgarian and is happy with her life in Sofia, but I can imagine that adapting to the local culture was never easy for her. I’m hoping that with her non-standard decision to move here she’s setting an example for more beautiful blonde girls from the North to move to our parts.

I brought Asia to the same place from my shoots with Lily ( and Ivelina (, but this time we ventured even further inside and explored the top floor of the hotel. The setting turned out to be as if taken from some horror movie stage, with molded rooms left in complete chaos and random artifacts from the past showing up here and there. So the long-legged semi-nude shape of Asia made quite a contrast with the background and helped for a set of very interesting photos I think.

At the entrance of the second floor.
In one of the better preserved rooms.


As you can see from the photos Asia has quite some modeling experience already, even if she’s usually very busy doing many other things. So it took us some months before we finally managed to find a good time for both of us to meet. But once we did she immediately got into posing mood and appreciated the weirdness of the setting and its potential for nice photos.

Welcome to the abandoned hotel.


Fortunately no zombies came out during the shoot, but I wouldn’t want to spend the night here.
Some black and white versions


One of the properly molded rooms…
..where the pieces of dried spices were the most well-preserved thing.

At some point we had seen enough demolition and decided to go out and breathe some fresh air, and made some photos in the lower parts of the hotel and its surroundings. Asia also changed her shirt, so the next set of photos had a completely different feel. We unfortunately couldn’t make too many photos outside as it was really hot and the sun was very strong, but we were already happy with our results until then. So we headed back downtown to enjoy the rest of the weekend in a less moldy atmosphere.

The Coca-Cola sticker (in cyrilic, so probably from some time in the 90es) was the only thing fully intact on the first floor of the hotel. A proof that Coca-Cola is truly always around, even if everything else is crumbling down.
Coming out


Some fun tries to capture her hair in motion.

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