Venue: “Borisova garden” park, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 85 mm f/1.8

Music: Faithless – Reverence ( – one of her favorite songs

After the end of the football games I finally had more time for photography, and even got a new portrait lens in anticipation of the sea holidays and coming beach photos. I was still in Sofia though, so we arranged a photoshoot with Adi in the park. She felt like her style would be some “dark” photos in black outfit and I had the idea of getting a candle and trying to combine the evening light in the park with the candlelight. So we aimed for a bit creepy feel in the narrow pathways in the forest on one end of the park, and i think the result is quite cool.

Looking scary
The black and white version probably decreases the scary feel
Back to colored “dark” style



For the coming photos I need to tell you a bit more about Adi and her multitasking personality. Apart from being a full time financial analyst and a mother of two children, she is doing a PhD in philosophy with Italian language. If that’s not enough, she is also a journalist and an author that writes short stories in her free time, and has a blog of her own ( in Bulgarian. And last but not least, she’s also a yoga instructor. Which is why we decided to make some photos of her practicing yoga and trying various positions on one of the old communist monuments in the park.

Getting mentally ready
A sort of lotus position on hands, I suppose
A “perfectly imperfect” place for yoga, as the shirt announces
A short break
Moving on the side of the monument to catch the last sun-rays for the day
The swan
Another hard stand that I don’t know the name of
The bridge position
Getting some rest

After the yoga we planned to do some more dark style photos in the gazebos nearby, but unfortunately they were all taken by people, and we wondered around the alleys making a few more photos. It was one of the hottest evenings of summer and so we were essentially forced to stop for a beer at some point, which was the end of the photoshoot as it got too dark afterwards.

It was already dark and we could only rely on the candle and the street lights scattered around the park
Under a lamp post

31 thoughts on “Adi

  1. Artful use of light and composition. I am so bad with a camera I usually just buy post cards if I travel. For special events I get a disposable 35 mm. The photo counter people look at me like I am 200 years old when I bring it in to get the pics processed. Maybe I am. Many pics have a bog log covering much of the pic. I figured out it must be my finger over part of the lens. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

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