My guitar

Venue: My place, Sofia

Camera & Lens: Nikon D750, Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4 – here at aperture f/3.5 and shutter speed 1/200s, ISO 100

Music: Pink Floyd – Wish you were here ( – the first song I learned to play

After a few weeks of silence due to my vacation in the countryside and the sea (plenty of photos coming soon), it’s time for a slow restart. This weekend the post is probably a less original photo, but still artistic in the sense that the main object is supposedly used for art – my guitar. Unfortunately I stopped practicing playing the guitar in the last year, probably because of my photography obsession, but at least it is pretty on a picture. In fact I made this photo for a science magazine here in Bulgaria – I was actually giving an interview about my physics career but they wanted to include some photos with my hobbies. Obviously I couldn’t take a proper picture of my camera, so that was the next best object! As an added bonus, the strings on the guitar helped to make a nice analogy with my physics subject, string theory.

19 thoughts on “My guitar

      1. Must be! 😊 btw, your venue made me laugh with a memory of Sofia. After a ling night bar hopping, at one of the last bars, a member of the bar staff was finishing her shift and tecommended that my friends and I continue on at ‘my club’ we assumed it was her fave club or something but it was called My Club πŸ˜‚ ok, maybe you had to be there…πŸ˜‚

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  1. Great song to learn. I love Floyd but i haven’t learned any of their songs yet. I mainly only know some stuff from the 90s onward. But I’ve seen roger waters in concert and their music is some of the best ever written


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