Welcome home

Venue: Thracian temple, Starosel

Camera & Lens specs: Sony alpha 37, 35 mm  f/5.0 / 1/60s / ISO 1600

Music: Eddie Vedder – Guaranteed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtZ1TK1Sfpg)

This is a photo with an open story, which I myself can only guess. I took it shortly after sunset in mid-December 2015, on a hill off the village of Starosel in central Bulgaria which hosts the well-preserved ruins of an old Thracian temple from the 4th century BC. We were the last visitors of the temple and on the way back stumbled across this (probably not anymore) mobile house on the side of the hill, which might serve to the people making excavations in summer or is just someone’s temporary escape from the city life. No matter what the real story behind is, I was just struck by the harmony of this image – the complete serenity of this ancient place in late autumn in such a rural and very unnoticeable part of Bulgaria, together with the unexpected comfort and cosyness of this old truck that somebody turned into their home. If the hobbits would move to Bulgaria, that’s the first place I’d suggest for a new home!


37 thoughts on “Welcome home

  1. The old hippie in me can never see a traveling home with longing to be back in those days of freedom. Whether in Bulgaria or somewhere along Route 66 in America, my heart is still on the road seeing America and meeting people. This weathered bus looks as if it is from another time, softly muted in color and blending in with the country. Lovely.


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