Sofia photomarathon I: One more time

Venue: central Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: OneRepublic – I lived (

This is the first in a series of three posts, each of which describes two hours of my participation in the Sofia photomarathon ( The rules were simple – you have 6 hours and three topics that get announced in a space of two hours. So you’d hear the topic, think and shoot as many photos as you like, come back for the next topic…and in the end of the 6 hours you can only submit three photos, one for each topic. So you not only had to come up with an interesting concept for a photo, but had to choose exactly one photo, which is not so easy. Fortunately for me I had an amazing teammate and a vast group of friends giving me ideas, so I was really happy with the outcome and most importantly it was great fun! I will tell you about each topic and our creative process in a separate post to keep it simple.

And so the first topic is… “One more time”. And the clock is ticking! I think the most discussed idea with this topic was going to a bar and having someone order a cocktail “one more time”, but eventually we went for something better, I think. In any case, our three main ideas that we went on to pursue were: finding kids on swings pushing each other; finding an ice-cream place with kids ordering some at the time; going to a bar for a drink (that we’ll take a picture of). And on the way there came other possibilities as often happens, so here’s my selection of best photos on the topic:

On the way to the swings we saw someone sweeping the street the old-school way, so we thought it might also fit the topic somewhat.
At the swings in the park in front of the national theater. There were a few kids with their grandmother, and they were very relaxed and nice and were quite positive when we asked them if we can take some photos.
And the little girl was so amazingly genuine that if she keeps it up this way she’s gonna be an actress one day.
So I took quite a lot of photos as I felt that’s the real thing, that one of these will be our pick for the topic.
And the girls kept having fun and not minding the camera at all.
And eventually this is the shot we chose as you see also on top, but of course I’ll show you all the best ones so that everybody expresses their opinion.
The little girl was totally in her element.
And the last photo of the series, at which point we thought we have enough material.
But a few steps away from the swings there were people playing backgammon on one of the benches in the park, and I just couldn’t miss the opportunity. The rolling dice actually make the perfect “one more time” photo I think.
But eventually the reason we chose the kids is that they feel more alive, maybe a better executed dice game photo would have really made it to the top, so it is partially my fault.
Next stop was the ice-cream place. We went to my favorite one on Vitosha street and I took the raspberry flavour, to try out some photos with it (and then obviously eat it, it was delicious).
But there was a family with their kids and we asked them to take some pictures.
The kid was super nice and posing with pleasure, but we thought that the father actually spoiled the photo as he was too close. I was too shy to actually dare asking him to move aside for a second, so the photo didn’t make it to the top.
Yet another ice-cream place.
And a cocktail with tea and rum, it was a bit chilly this day so I felt like something warm. Anyway the people at the bar were not very understanding and were pissed at me taking photos around, so I stopped and didn’t produce anything memorable.
Just this photo with a cappuccino and the grog
And the last randomly seen shop on the street before heading back to hear the second topic.

So stay tuned for the next two topics, which I will be posting in the next two days, and let me know if you think I didn’t choose the best photo in this round and you prefer another one. My three photos from the marathon are now also part of an online competition that everybody can vote in if interested – – just enter your email address, confirm it and then by clicking on a photo you can rate it from 2 to 6 (2 is bad, 6 is excellent).

20 thoughts on “Sofia photomarathon I: One more time

  1. My favorite was the one where the younger girl is at the bottom of the swing arc, with a smile on her face, looking at the older girl, and you can see the motion of the push in the girl’s hand and bent legs. And I also enjoyed how you found so many different aspects of this phrase to capture!

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