Sofia photomarathon II: Silence

Venue: central Sofia and the Lozenets neighborhood

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4 and Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4.0

Music: Simon & Garfunkel – The sound of silence (

This is the second post of the photomarathon series (you better check part I below first), where we’re moving on to the second topic: “Silence”. An important detail I should mention already here is that the time of the day allocated for this topic was between 1am and 3pm (the reason I say it here will come later). And everyone I asked was thinking first in the direction of finding some big empty space, like a theater hall, a school, a cinema. I guess people naturally associate emptiness with silence, but at the end of the day that’s not the type of picture we chose, even if we tried plenty of them. The other ideas my friends thought of are photos in a graveyard, or a public library. Meanwhile I realized I have an easy access to huge empty lecture halls at the Faculty of Physics at the Sofia University where I teach, so we decided to head that way, and then on the way back pass by a public library and see if suitable photos can be made there. As the Physics faculty building is further away from the centre of the city there wouldn’t be more time for any extra ideas and places anyway, as we already had less than two hours.

So that was the plan, and here’s the photos I took and why I chose the one you see on top:

This is one the big “aula” – the auditorium in the Faculty of Physics. Looks quite miserable to be honest, it’s part of a building from the 60’s with a typical socialist architecture.
Another photo of the auditorium, I decided to put some actual physics formulae on the blackboard to make it more realistic, but you can’t see much anyway.
A closer view to the front side of the auditorium, but it keeps being pretty ugly I think, so we decided that it was not the right place, even if the topic does fit well.
On the outside of the auditorium I accidentally spotted an old clock that didn’t seem to work and made a few pictures of it, not yet thinking properly how to fit it in the topic of “Silence”.
We checked out some smaller lecture halls, but those were as old-school as the big auditorium, so we decided to let go of the idea and check out the public library.
But right at the entrance/exit of the stairs at the Faculty of Physics we spotted a cupboard with some very old physics instruments and an old clock. They seem to have been arranged as a sort of museum exposition, which is pretty nice.
So at that point we decided this old stopped clock is worth taking a picture of for the topic. After all it shows 10:27 so it was obviously stopped as the time for taking photos was between 1 and 3 pm as I stressed in the beginning.
And after several experiments with the focus and angle we decided this is the photo that best fits the “Silence” idea.
And then we went back to the centre and entered the Sofia public library on Slaveikov square. The building and the books inside are much older than the socialist times, and for this reason way more beautiful.
And this empty desk around the bookshelves at one corner of the library was such a relaxing and silent place, that we thought we found the perfect shot.
After trying several photos here I think we decided that this is the one we want. So we were satisfied we have several good shots and decided to head back and hear the next topic.
On the way out I took some more shots of the place, which is quite nice and quiet indeed.
And these are the stairs of the library, which are also very nice and “silent” except for the mirror they put downstairs that breaks the symmetry due to its tilt.

And so in reality my favorite photo from the series is probably the empty desk in the library, yet in the end I decided to officially submit the old stopped clock. The reason you’ll see in my next post, as it turned out a similar library photo would fit perfectly not only the topic of “Silence” but also the third topic in the photomarathon. I remind you that my three photos from the marathon are now also part of an online competition that everybody can vote in if interested – – just enter your email address, confirm it and then by clicking on a photo you can rate it from 2 to 6 (2 is bad, 6 is excellent).

19 thoughts on “Sofia photomarathon II: Silence

  1. What a great event! Sounds like you and your friends had fun. I really like the pic in the smaller auditorium with the seats up. Nice choice of clock though- capturing the silence between tics, obvious silence of a stopped clock, and like you noted- the time fits too. Good luck in the competition!

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