Ladies’ fashion

Venue: A schoolyard in central Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Madonna – Vogue (

It was high time for some photos with pretty girls, as lately I was more concentrated on conceptual photos or some special occasions as you see in my previous posts. So it was fortunate that shortly after the photomarathon I was approached by Radi, with whom we already had a few photoshoots before ( and – she has a fashion site that also sells clothes and wanted to make some photos advertising them. So it was also a great opportunity for me to try out some fashion photos with Radi and her sister Dorina.

Radi had found a beautiful autumn place for the task – a schoolyard in central Sofia, with the school building (more or less) recently renovated and making a nice background for the photos, so I tried to keep the background also fairly sharp instead of my usual style of focusing sharply on the subject and blurring the rest by the shallow depth of field I normally use. I like experimenting and I think we made some nice photos for the purpose, but everyone has their own opinion so I’ll let everyone decide for themselves by showing you a selection of the photos we made.

We started with both sisters (Radi on the left and Dorina on the right) in matching dresses..
..and then went on making individual shots and changing outfits and places around the schoolyard.
I was of course mostly in charge of the photos, while Radi was choosing the outfits and styling, while Dorina was the model for most of the time.
But there were enough clothes also for several double shots.


A rare occasion when Dorina was smiling. She was quite serious for most of the photos, which is probably a good thing when you want to accentuate on the clothes and not on the girl. So I was also happy with her posing style, it’s always interesting to try something different.


Here it becomes obvious we’re in a schoolyard, with the football “field” on the background. These are the type of concrete-made football fields most kids in Bulgaria (me included) get to play on.


A good example of the posing style of the two sisters: serious versus smiling.
And again..
..and again..
..and serious.
This set of photos is probably my favorite from the photoshoot because of the stark contrast between the clothes and brick wall..
..and I think the posing style of Dorina emphasizes the contrast even better!
One of the last shots for the day with a more colorful background.

There are of course many more photos and many more clothes that we tried that day, but I think this selection provides a good representative example. In the end I also gave an interview for Radi’s website about my photography passion. The Bulgarian speakers can have a look at, where they can also browse through the available clothes for sale if interested.

25 thoughts on “Ladies’ fashion

  1. I think both young women look natural and pose beautifully. The clothes are lovely in color and line. The backgrounds are either dramatic by choice of architecture or interesting because one doesn’t see schoolyards used often. I like the choice very much and one could imagine a young mother wearing those fabulous clothes while picking up her child after school. Love the shoot between the two circular windows which seem to frame the model. Very nice, indeed.

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  2. Very good frame work. Your models are gorgeous. Thanks for likeing Blue Jasmine, would really appreciate some feedback in the comment section. We are striving for great things at Gastradamus and we would like you to be a part of it

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  4. Beautiful pictures! I like the styles of the clothes. similar to our LuLaRoe styles. 🙂 https//


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