Tsveti & Joy

Venue: “Borisova garden” park, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 85 mm f/1.4

Music: Michael Buble – L.O.V.E. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPGEYRhQ_Kg) – Tsveti’s favorite

As everybody knows, the autumnal season is very suitable for photo shoots in the park with all the bright colors and the falling leaves. So it was just a matter of having some suitable weather before we go to the Borisova garden with Tsveti and Joy and some of our other friends for an afternoon walk and some photos. Tsveti is the little sister of Joy, who already featured in one of my older posts here (https://kirilson.wordpress.com/2016/06/03/joy/). She just started her university studies after moving from Plovdiv to Sofia and was very happy to pose for me, so hopefully you’ll get to see some more of her in the future.

Before the family photo shoot I had some time to walk around the park by myself and stumbled into some interesting sights that I hope you’ll enjoy as a little starter setting the stage, after which I’ll go to the two main subjects of the post.

An anti-communist slogan against the Marxists on one of the remaining communist monuments in the park, written in German for some unknown to me reason.
Nearby a girl was feeding one of the squirrels and I just couldn’t miss the chance to frame the moment.
And here is Tsveti, in black and white.
A warmer colorful version, with Tsveti taking her coat off.
And here is Radost, or Joy, trying to make some leaves fall over her as we were attempting to create a more autumnal feel to the photos.
After a long series of unsuccessful tries of one sister throwing leaves on the other one and our other friends trying to help, we came up with the perfect solution…
…someone shaking the tree above and making the leaves fall over! That’s our friend Vlado who was so energetic that he needed to cover his head from the falling branches. It’s so nice to have such a devoted assistant.
But the end product was worth it I think, the two sisters do look good with some falling leaves around them.
Then it was time for some separate shots of each of the sisters…
..with this one probably my preferred shot of Joy, with the overarching branch and the red leaves matching her scarf.
And a last family shot before Joy left the stage entirely to her little sister.
With Tsveti we then tried some more photos in the still-green part of the park..
..before we came back to the same old communist monument, where Tsveti did some more fashion-style posing.
One of the last shots on the back side of the monument before we all decided it was time for some coffee and warming up in a cafe outside the park.

14 thoughts on “Tsveti & Joy

  1. Your pictures are well done, captivating. You reveal the beauty and inspiration in the ladies, kudos on your skill. The anti-communist scrawling across the monument gives me pause for thought. Maybe you’re trying to convey something that I don’t have a word for at the moment – I think it’s a good touch, though. If you know what’s going on in American politics and our feelings about that, you might see some congruence, I don’t know. Good work!

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  2. The man continues to light up my fall with his beauty in the combination of the wheathers serenity and breathtaking women. I’m very eager to hear your thought on a few of my topics at Gastradamus. We are anxiously waiting

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  3. What fun, gorgeous photos. I’ve never seen a squirrel like that before. I want one to love =D Your portraits are exquisite, my favourite the one with the umbrella. And the friend shaking the tree? Excellent. All photographers worth their salt have to improvise. One guy I worked with used to take just an ordinary rain umbrella with him to shoots (our company doesn’t like to part with money for essential things – hence the umbrella). But you know what, he took the best pics of anyone in the building. Gorgeous work 🙂

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