Desi & Vesi: fall edition

Venue: South park, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 85 mm f/1.8

Music: John Lennon – Imagine (

Several months after our first photoshoot with Desi and Vesi ( we decided it was time for some new photos, this time in the South park in Sofia with the fall as a main theme. It was a warm day with plenty of fallen leaves and empty space in the park, and this time also Vesi was feeling very comfortable and ready for posing. So we set on searching for nice spots in the park and here’s a selection from the best shots we made.

We started with some typical fall photos of Desi around the yellow leaves..
..mixed with some of the usual posing shots.
Then we switched to Vesi, while Desi was throwing fallen leaves at her.
Here I asked them to look thoughtfully away from the camera, not sure how convincing they are.
We also found a very old round-bench in the park and decided to try some shots.


The girls were well prepared for the photos with some hats and different clothes that you’ll in the coming photos.
Here and in the top photo I wanted to experiment with a more artsy, “still life” shot, making the girls look up and stay still for a while.
Then we went on with some more standard fall photos in the leaves.


After a short bathroom break for changing outfits, the girls were ready for more photos.
We found a little pond in the park with some big pine trees on the side that provided a nice shade and background for photos.


And Vesi put on a very cute yellow hat and green sweater, matching perfectly the colors of the trees.


As you see we made quite a few photos around the pond and the trees..
..with the girls taking turns in posing.
And in the end two shots that I decided to retouch differently from the rest: here a portrait of Desi in darker tones and colors.
And here Vesi in front of the lake in black and white.

As a final today I’d like to congratulate Desi and Vesi and all other students and to wish them happy celebrations since 8th December also happens to be the “university holiday” in Bulgaria.

20 thoughts on “Desi & Vesi: fall edition

  1. I liked the sixth one down the best, lying on the bench with her soft smile and the backround out of focus, it makes you want to realy study it. The color in her eyes are so vibrant also. The pictures were all very beautiful though. ☺

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I like what you did here Desi has stunning eyes which you captured well as well Vesi’s cute face. Two similar but very different women showed in their best light.


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