Christmas special: over Manhattan

Photography and retouch: Valya

Venue: the sky over New York and Washington

Camera: iPhone 6

Music: Carol of the bells (

I would like to wish a very merry Christmas to everyone with a special post from my sister’s collection of photos in the past year. She lives in New York city and often travels for work to Washington DC, so she took quite some photos from the sky above the two cities. Now that she’s back home for the holidays we could finally meet and gather a small set of her best photos for this guest post. I hope you enjoy them, and once again, happy holidays to everyone and best wishes from Bulgaria!

From the sky over the Bronx, NY, with a clear view down the Bronx (you can see the Yankee stadium right in the center of the photo) and then the island of Manhattan to the south with Central park and the shiny Freedom tower on the other side. On the right side is the state of New Jersey on the other side of Hudson river.
A shot from a bit further east where you can again see the skyline of Manhattan with the tall 432 Park Avenue residential skyscraper on the edge of Central park.
Yet another take-off from La Guardia airport – here we’re closer to Manhattan with a clear view to Harlem the big lake in Central Park.
This is above New Jersey with a nice view towards Manhattan Midtown with the Empire State building and Downtown with the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.
Here we’re right over Uptown West facing the other way (this time landing at La Guardia), overlooking Central Park and Midtown East and the neighborhoods of Queens and Brooklyn further to east and south-east.
Another full panorama of Manhattan with all pieces of the island clearly visible: Harlem in front, Uptown and Central Park, then Midtown and Downtown is way back in the end with the shining Freedom tower.
A view of New York city as a whole, with all five neighborhoods clearly visible: the Bronx in front, Queens and Brooklyn to the left, and Manhattan and Staten island further south in the back of the photo.
And one last full panorama of the “Big Apple”.
And here we find ourselves in the middle of the Nevada desert on the way to San Francisco.  The round alien-looking object is actually a solar power station.
And this is the approach to the Reagan National airport in the autumn season, somewhere between the states of Maryland and Virginia. The yellow color comes from all the trees in the area.
And again above Maryland or Virginia in the fall.
Shortly after take-off from Washington one can see clearly the National Mall starting with the great obelisk of the Washington monument and the Jefferson memorial on the other side of the lake. Further down the Mall is the US Capitol, while the White House is just below the wing of the plane on the edge of the green space.
A last shot of the US sky with (most likely) the Potomac river downstairs.

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