The frozen boat

Venue: Pancharevo lake, suburban Sofia

Lens: Sigma 35 mm f/1.4

Music: Row, row, row your boat (

Slightly outside Sofia and close to the Vitosha mountain lies the small Pancharevo lake which provides a nice escape from the city during spring and summer. You can hire a boat to go around the lake, go fishing, make barbecue, or just chill in one of the waterfront restaurants. Understandably it is not so popular in the winter, especially in winters like this one when temperatures in Bulgaria didn’t go above -10 degrees Celsius for many days in a row. But luckily last weekend the weather was much better, only -3 and slightly foggy! So I had a chance to visit the lake and see how much snow and ice there is. Unsurprisingly it was completely frozen and empty, except for a loose boat that must have been left in the water before it froze down. I don’t know if somebody let it stay out and freeze on purpose or not, but here it is on the photo (which I slightly photoshopped to make the whole setting a bit brighter). I guess sometimes you need to give up rowing your boat and hide from the cold!

62 thoughts on “The frozen boat

  1. What an excellent shot. In my corner of the world, the exceptionally harsh winter destroyed the nearest marina to us. The cold’s wearing on us here also. But over the weekend I saw 3 different trucks towing boats to the nearby Columbia River – spring is on it’s way!

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