Yoga with Renata

Venue: Mettasense yoga studio, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Dead can dance – Opium (

Given the cold winter I didn’t have many opportunities to update my blog with new photos lately. Still, I did manage to make a few indoor photoshoots which I promise to show you. The first one is with Renata. She is a yoga instructor and had the idea to pose for some photos in her workplace, which is one of the new yoga studios in Sofia – Mettasense ( I already had the chance to make some outdoor photos with yoga positions last summer with Adi ( and was happy to try again in a more professional environment. So, relax and enjoy some yoga with Renata and my usual insightful comments.

There were three different rooms in the yoga studio and we started with the most colorful of them, with Renata warming up with some easier (for her) exercises.
A moment of concentration..
..and a harder exercise including a sort of bridge.
I already forgot the names of all the other yoga poses, so I won’t try to pretend I know what she was doing and how hard it is.
Meanwhile we moved to the next, more “zen” looking room.
This is a pose I most certainly won’t be able to make.
And another one.
Probably I can manage with this one!
Moving on to the third room with water trickling peacefully on one of the walls and a cool image on the other one.
A close-up of the pose you can see on the top photo.
A head stand..
..and a more tricky one for which Renata needed to be close to the wall for support. Shortly afterwards it was time for her next yoga class, which meant the end of the photoshoot for the moment. But who knows, maybe you’ll get to see some more yoga in the coming months.

32 thoughts on “Yoga with Renata

  1. What nice balance you bring to your photos. The poses you chose show such grace and beauty. I’m impressed with Renata’s strength awa flexibility. What purpose do the different rooms serve? What one does Renata prefer?

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  2. Beautiful, beautiful woman. Awesome ink and wow!
    Out of all these poses, I know I’d be able to do the one where she’s lying down on the floor, plus I could do a headstand (but an upside down headstand -which basically is just standing on your feet).

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  3. Was trying to find for other sort of information but this content is so good. U got me a “response” for a latent answer if u intend what i’m trying to say (sorry for my bad english).


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