Utrecht and Amsterdam

Venue: Central Amsterdam and central Utrecht

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Guus Meeuwis – Het is een nacht (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOy76zw0TrQ)

A few weeks ago I promised you an extended post from the Netherlands with plenty of bikes and canals, and here it comes! I had the opportunity to visit shortly Amsterdam and Utrecht and take some of the usual touristy photos, but the number of different bikes, boats, and canals I shot is so big that I am only going to show you a small fraction of my photos while still risking getting you bored.  So you’re warned of the coming typical Dutch scenery, which I myself find quite charming and slightly nostalgic (I used to live in Utrecht in my youth).

We start our tour in Amsterdam, which doesn’t need much introduction or advertisement. The larger boats on the photo are actually houses one can rent in exchange for a substantial amount of money each month. Not that the actual Dutch houses on the other side of the street are any cheaper.
Guinny was there with me as we walked around the canals. Here he’s resting on one of the bikes alongside a canal in the Jordan district of Amsterdam.
Another bike along the canal, with a tourist boat passing right underneath me in this moment.
More bikes, bridges over canals and typical Dutch houses, arranged in such a way that you just have to take a photo.
Another international tourist sign – the love locks on the bridges.
But it doesn’t get more touristy than here – the tulips in the small lake next to the “I amsterdam” sign in front of the Rijksmuseum.
Nearby Rijksmuseum is Koekjesbrug, the “cookie bridge”.
And another bridge that probably doesn’t have so tasty name.
And just in case you didn’t believe me, the boat sign clearly agrees with me this is Amsterdam!
Moving 20 km to the south-east and several hours later in the day, this is Utrecht around sun-set with its most notable landmark – the Dom tower.
And in case you were worried – there are plenty of bikes and canals in Utrecht too! This is Oudegracht, the “Old canal” of Utrecht, which is more than 400 years older than all of the canals you saw in Amsterdam.
A lone biker on a side street in Utrecht, just before the city lights get switched on.
Back to the Oudegracht with more bikers.
I am probably biased, but I always found Utrecht more beautiful than Amsterdam and a more fun place to live in.
Café “De Poort” on one side of the canal, as seen from the side.
This photo could have easily been taken half a century ago with the VW Beetle on the side of the canal.
Unlike the canals in Amsterdam, the ones in Utrecht have a “cellar” level below the street which is perfect for various bars, restaurants and events.
One of the most iconic bars in Utrecht, the Belgian café with hundreds of beers and at least that many memorable nights spent there by me and my friends. It’s the perfect place to end the night in and accidentally also this post!

43 thoughts on “Utrecht and Amsterdam

  1. I liked both Utrecht and Amsterdam. I stayed with my friends who were living in Utrecht when I visited. Amsterdam parties harder and Utrecht seems more “normal”?


  2. The first pic with the house boats and homes is spectacular! It looks like a painting…details is fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Welcome to that little voice and thank you for following may blog.


  3. Thanks for these gorgeous photos. I’ve never been to Europe and I find the idea of canals running through cities and the countryside to be fascinating. I follow a gentleman who retired to a ‘narrow boat’ and navigates the canal system in England. I didn’t see the type of bikes that are preferred by bikers in Canada – with handbrakes and a zillion gears. The bikes you captured in your photos are like the ones I grew up riding in small town Ontario 50-60 years ago. Very nice!


  4. You shared a lot of your heart and soul here. I can understand your affinity with Utrecht. It is a lovely place and so much to see! The tulips in floating gardens were pretty and the water shimmering and displaying wavy lines of light were gorgeous, K. Smiles, Robin


  5. I love these photos! It makes me want to rush back to Amsterdam. We were there last month and loved it! In fact, my husband keeps sending me listings for house boats for rent. Wishful thinking on his part :). I’ve not been to Utrecht, but it looks like it needs to be on my list.


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