Venue: Sofia city centre

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Loic Nottet – Million eyes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68EnJITH-5Q)

The concept of our photos with Zheny was quite simple: we go out in the evening in central Sofia, searching for a suitable light and a nice background. Unlike my last few photoshoots, there were no extra props and pets with us so we could really concentrate on Zheny’s look and outfit. She came very prepared with a brand new haircut and a set of clothes to change, so we only needed to search for the right spot in several areas we had previous discussed. So here comes the outcome – three sets of photos for three different places and outfits.

Our first choice fell on the main orthodox cathedral in Sofia, Alexander Nevsky. This is still a test photo which helped us figure out which side of the cathedral was more appropriate.
And here start our true shots with Zheny in a formal dress, fitting to the church spirit.
A black&white version with a more timeless feel.
Another angle of the cathedral, at which point Zheny decided it’s time to let her hair loose and we headed off to the next photo spot.
After a short break to change clothes at the club Zheny is working in as a PR, we headed to the administrative centre of Bulgaria – the square where the houses of the president and the government are situated. It is quite empty and well lit up at night, so it was a good place for our purposes.
Unfortunately the light seemed a little bit too strong on the photos, so we tried to find a side spot close to the main department store in the old socialist times.
This is the kind of light we aimed for..
..so we tried quite a few poses before changing the outfit and the place for one last time.
And these are the tram railways on “Graf Ignatiev” street, where we decided to make some more casual photos going along with the street appearance around us.
Cars are not allowed to enter the street so we had plenty of time to try various fun and provocative poses, only disturbed occasionally by the passing trams.
And when trams did pass I tried to fit them in the shot, as seen here and on the top photo.
We also tried some shots with the graffiti on the side of the street, but it was getting late so we decided to call it a day and think of other photo concepts in the future.

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