Brooklyn views

Venue: Brooklyn Heights and the Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Lens: Sigma 35 mm f/1.4

Music: Frank Sinatra – Strangers in the night (

After a few weeks of silence I decided it’s time for at least a short post with some of my most recent photos. I have plenty of material to show but I’m on a short trip to the US and had no time to sit down and organize my photos properly. So here is a short update with some very standard photos from NY I’m afraid. The night views from Brooklyn Heights and the Brooklyn Bridge towards the Manhattan skyline are among the most photographed things in the world, but it is hard not to fall for them anyway. So here they are, with my promise for a whole lot of new posts from me once I’m back to Europe.

The nights view from the park just next to Brooklyn Bridge, probably the most famous spot in Brooklyn Heights for all photographers.
Manhattan Bridge and the little merry-go-round between the two bridges as seen from the south-east end of the Brooklyn Bridge.  The top photo is shot from the very same place on the bridge but looking at the other direction.
The silhouettes of two kids playing right in the middle of the walking alley on the Brooklyn Bridge. This place is almost never so empty so I was lucky to catch it like this.

62 thoughts on “Brooklyn views

  1. As you say, many of these are popular haunts for photographers, but there is a personable, human, touching view in yours. They aren’t just bridges and skylines, your pictures depict something far more involving and personal. You are a true artist.


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