On the street with Shiera

Venue: Greenwich village, New York

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Jaz-Z Feat. Mr. Hudson – Young forever (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pIABtOwdD4)

During my recent visit to New York (more photos of the city coming soon) I had the opportunity to meet and organize photoshoots with a few young aspiring models. I first present you Shiera – a native Californian that grew up in the Bay area and moved to New York just a year ago to pursue her career. We only had about an hour in one early evening in May to walk around the streets in Greenwich village and take some photos in the places we liked, but I think we still managed to produce some fine shots. I’ll let you judge for yourselves in an unbiased way by showing you chronologically our little photo-walk (giving the exact locations so you can retrace our steps if interested).


We started our walk next to a pizza place on Macdougal street close to Washington square park in Manhattan.
Still on the same street with a dimly lit bar on the background highlighting Shiera’s face.
Minetta street, a quiet side street lacking the usual crowd of people and therefore perfect for posing undisturbed.
Crossing 6th avenue and entering the official confines of Greenwich village. The omni-present NY taxi and the indistinguishable here Freedom tower are behind Shiera.
An interesting brick wall along Downing street.Β 
A typical stairway and main entrance belonging to a house (most probably) along Bedford street.
Still at Bedford street, outside the Neighborhood Cut & Shave.
A short coffee break for Shiera at Amy’s Bread bakery on the corner of Bleecker and Leroy street. No real break for me as I was outside taking photos of her and the window reflections like the ones here and on top.
Just a bit further up Bleecker street, on the corner with Cornelia street.
On the same place as above, outside a hip Mexican joint that provided a nice background with its wooden windows and bright little lights inside.
The end of our photo-walk a little further up Cornelia street where Shiera could finish her latte and head to the metro station around the corner.


44 thoughts on “On the street with Shiera

      1. Aww, this is too bad. Maybe there will be one less dramatic but still memorable. My friend said there is one expected in Europe in 2019 on December 26th. I looked this up and it may still be special. . . Best wishes for your stay in Bulgaria, friend! 🌻 😊

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  1. You really have a great photographic eye. I spent one night in Greenwich Village as a girl; my friend had about a dozen locks on her door, which made me more than a little anxious about the area where we were staying! I hope it’s a bit safer now than it was 45 years ago! πŸ™‚

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