Cape Town flashback

Venue: Cape Town and around, South Africa

Camera: Nikon Coolpix P7700

Music: Toto – Africa (

Sometimes to go forward, you must go back.
This is why after a few months blogging-break I decided to go back to the first time I started realizing consciously that taking photos can be a fun hobby and that maybe I should get a camera of my own. I have tons of more recent photos waiting for their appearance here, but they will have to wait their turn in the new 2018. Here instead I’ll show you my first really amateur photos I took on a 10-day trip with friends to Cape Town in January 2015 (I used a compact camera borrowed from my sister). I actually lost most of the photos from this trip and the ones I managed to recover were from low quality facebook posts that only barely cover some of the main sights, but I hope you’ll still manage to appreciate just how amazingly beautiful Cape Town is. I would personally rate it as my world-top destination that combines a lively and interesting city in a unique natural setting giving the visitors a very wide range of meaningful activities (Rio is a close second) – but I am certainly open for other suggestions that you might have. In the same time it’s clear that the photos you’ll see are not my greatest achievement, giving me personally the satisfaction of seeing how I have developed my hobby in these past three years. Enjoy!

Hout bay
A string of seagulls in Hout Bay‘s harbour, roadtripping from Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope.
Noordhoek beach
The next stop along the way was Noordhoek Beach – a vast empty land for anyone to enjoy and explore. Unfortunately the water temperature of the ocean here is not as welcoming as the beach.
Boulder beach
Another beach with a pleasant surprise – the cute African penguins made Boulders beach its home, and inadvertently one of the main tourist attractions around Cape Town.
Boulders beach
Not only the penguins were cute at Boulders beach. This must accidentally be my first girl photo shoot.
Moving further south to an ostrich farm on the side of the road. And one of my first tries at an image post-production.
Cape of Good Hope
Finally at the Cape of Good Hope, with the rough but beautiful landscape of Africa’s most south-western point.
Cape Point
A baboon family passing our car at Cape Point, a few kilometers further east.
Table mountain
Back to the city, and some distance above it on top of amazingly flat Table mountain. One can see the beautiful football stadium in the Green Point area that co-hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Table mountain 2
Still up on Table mountain, my friends are trying to show where we are at the moment (they seem to be pointing at different places though).
A lady feeding the birds at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.
The view of the mountains around Stellenbosch from one of the several wine estates that we visited checking out the local wines.
Muizenberg beach
The flag warning legend in the official English, Afrikaans (old Dutch), and Xhosa language at Muizenberg beach where we went surfing (at a black flag). The good news was that shark season was only coming in a couple of months so it was very safe… only to discover we all suck in surfing!
Twelve apostles
The sunset view to the Twelve Apostles mountain from Camps Bay – the best place in Cape Town to enjoy a “sundowner” drink and to contemplate at the end of the day. Well, maybe the best place anywhere for that purpose.


39 thoughts on “Cape Town flashback

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour of Cape Town. It looks like a fascinating place. You mention Rio…I was there in the early 70’s as a child and quite liked it. I loved the tiled sidewalks and, of course, the beach. A penguin had washed up there as well. It was nearly as tall as I was, and quite fierce.

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  2. Beautiful photos but I think I’d stay out of the water, period. I’ve not enjoyed the ocean since “Jaws” came out. Glad I got to “surf” California and Hawaii before then. My fear is so intense that the one time I went deep sea fishing, everything I caught was either a shark or a barracuda (ever seen one of those?), so I worked the line so that their razor sharp teeth would cut it and they’d fall back into the sea. I came home with nothing and… stayed clear of anyone who didn’t have a problem reeling in one of those snarly things. LOL

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  3. The pictures show indeed some of the attractions in and around the Mother City. I can imagine why it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. For South Africans it’s different. We (Dutch) live for 17 years in the Western Cape and do what most other South Africans do …. The discovery of South Africa begins 100 km beyond Cape Town. Hope it will be your next trip… 😉 It’s where you start to discover the heart of a country…

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    1. Thanks a lot, I will definitely be posting more of Bulgaria in future!
      And Rauschenberg is one of my favorite artists actually, there’s a long post from my visit to MOMA coming soon. But you already did such a great job that I don’t know if there’s much I can add to it now…hopefully my photos will still be fun 🙂


      1. Your photos are first class. Please keep them up. I saw a reflection to yourself when you were in Cape Town to remind yourself how enlivening it is to take photographs and to really see.

        Please more photos of any part of Europe cut off from us by the history of Communism. I am hoping that there will come some balance from these parts although I may be dreaming! Please because we are both in ignorance and in trouble here in the ‘West.

        Best, and for the new year and blessings -I am old enough for this now! – on the occasion of ‘our’ Orthodox Christmas to come.


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  4. A real variety and cross section of an area of the world I am unfamiliar with. Whether the monkey mom and child or the view from Table Rock, you really showed some diversity in what captured your attention and lens. Enjoyed immensely. Thank you.

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