South park bike ride with Eli

Venue: South park, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Bombay Bicycle Club – Always like this (

In the spirit of flashbacks from old photo shoots, I decided to also show you some 2016 photos from a summer bike ride in one of the parks in Sofia (yes, South park is the official name, ages before the animated sitcom was created) with Eli. She already showed up with her twin sister Nadya in a post earlier this year (, but this time it was just Eli alone. Our park bike ride took place earlier, but Eli was always shy about showing her photos and didn’t want me posting them so far. I guess now she gained a little more confidence in herself and realized the photos are actually not that bad, but this is of course ultimately left for anyone’s own opinion.

Just like with the other photos of Eli, I like some of them more in black and white. But don’t worry, you’ll also get to see some color later. After just biking for a while around the park I also decided to put my camera to use, but she was at first too shy to pose and was trying to run away.
Slowly she got more comfortable and I managed to take some portrait shots like the one here and on top of the post.
We then moved a bit deeper in the park to a small hill, overlooking Vitosha mountain behind us.
We went on trying different poses on the hill…
..and when the sun was about to set I decided we should stay some more and take advantage of the nice light. This is also why I’m also switching to color photos now!
The warm light and lens flares during sunset are always very helpful to a photographer.
One more shot against the setting sun…
..and then reversing the angle.
One last sunlit shot..
..and just when I decided I had taken enough photos, we spotted this nice playground on the edge of the park with children running around. So I couldn’t resist taking one last photo trying to catch the summer evening mood in this part of the city.


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