US art: Bushwick graffiti

Venue: Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC

Lens: Sigma 35 mm f/1.4 & Samsung S7 camera

Music: Meyhem Lauren – Got the fever (

As promised I am continuing the “US art” series in the new 2018, this time with a perhaps slightly surprising graffiti post from the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. As hopefully you’ll soon be convinced, the Bushwick street art tour is actually much like a modern art gallery tour, only open-air. The Bushwick collective initiative actually attracts many of the world’s leading street artists, and it’s therefore not surprising that the neighborhood became one of the top tourist destinations in NYC in recent years. I visited the place on a rainy Sunday afternoon and only managed to see and capture a small fraction of all the street art, so I’d urge people to go explore the area for themselves. Enjoy and let me know which piece you like the most!


We start with the work of a relatively local artist, Mr. Hydde, who is Canadian and prefers the surrealism and Dada styles.
This piece is much more politically charged, as you’ll realize if you visit the advertised dedicated site
One of my favorites: the New England cottontail rabbit in the original style of Louis Masai. He created a series of beautiful murals raising people’s awareness about local endangered species.
Another mural that I liked, but unfortunately the artist didn’t leave any signature on the wall, unlike Sonni on the top photo.
My friend posing on the designated spot in the hand of Dali, as depicted by Sipros (Wellington Naberezny) from Brazil.
Beau Stanton’s octopus sinking a ship. If I remember correctly this is an unauthorized work not part of the official Bushwick collective initiative that invites artists and gives them particular designated wall parts for their art.
This is definitely an authorized piece of art, created by the Dutch urban artist Michel Velt.
And this is the unmistakable style of the Italian Raul33, who creates shapes using text. If you look at the mural from up close you only see the words, but if you stand further away you start seeing the actual forms.
Another unknown to me artist with a message that is particularly hard to disentangle.
A typical street in Bushwick with some colorful murals and umbrellas.
A very original pirate boy mural, joint work by Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks.
And another joint work, by popular street artists Case Ma’claim and Pixel Pancho.
This “Addicted to likes…” mural by Giz_nyc is carrying a pretty clear message.
And here is my favorite piece of art I found in Bushwick, “Recordeal” created by the French Oji
A large mural created by PJ Linden for the famous House of Yes, a popular live performance art nightclub in Bushwick.
And here’s probably Bushwick’s most famous piece of art, the “Radiant Madonna” by New Zealander Owen Dippie.
Some strange and/or funny faces and a colorful tourist on one of the side streets, shortly before the end of our walk.
Our last stop in Bushwick was an authentic looking Mexican taqueria (forgot the name) place where we had some food and drinks before heading back to Manhattan.

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