Street workout with Ana

Venue: Greenwich village, New York City

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Fort Minor – Remember the name (

After the virtual tour around the art museums of the US east coast, I think it’s time to shift gear and come back to some shots with models posing for me. Here I present you Ana, a young fitness coach and model that moved recently to NYC from California. I only now got to select and show you the photos of Ana, even though they were taken on the very same day and just several hours after my photoshoot with Shiera ( Better late than never I guess, especially since the sports lovers will surely enjoy our evening workout around Greenwich village.

As soon as we met close to Washington square park, Ana got into exercise mood and started posing in her sports outfit.
Heading to a small park on the side of the street…
…where Ana did some more stretching and breathing exercises.
We kept moving around the little streets and doing small exercises while taking photos.


With the evening we found ourselves on a quiet street close to the Cherry lane theater. It was perfect some jogging exercises, for which Ana is preparing here.
I didn’t manage to capture her properly on focus while running, so I decided to concentrate on simpler stretching exercises.


We found a locked bike on the street so Ana decided to pose around it, but of course she couldn’t actually use it.
Some last exercises further down the street…
…and we parted our ways at the nearby metro station, where Ana posed for me a little bit more.


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