US art: Whitney

Venue: Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4 & Samsung S7 camera

Music: The National – Sleep well beast (

The Whitney Museum of American Art only exhibits very contemporary local artists, resulting in a weird mix of different media and perceptions. So for me Whitney is the most unconventional episode in the US art series (some parts of the Venice biennale beat it, but I’m yet to post about it), but I’m of course always open to visit new American galleries. Enjoy, and don’t be scared by some of the pieces, it’s just art!

We start with the main staircase in Whitney with some plastic bodies hanging from the ceiling… some of them were headless.
The most famous piece in Whitney at that time were the red cubes of Lary Bell, which were out on the terrace of the museum overlooking the Hudson river and the Empire state Building to the east.
A shot of the red cubes with my smartphone from above, so you can properly grasp the installation. Each of the red cubes is made of an inner and an outer glass shell with varying transparency.
One of the rooms inside, the woman to the left is actually not part of the art piece but was standing on a queue to see one of the other art works.
Another piece from the main Whitney exhibit at the time, not sure what the idea of the artist is.
The people lining up here are not just waiting to see the nice view to the river, but rather to experience something weird. Standing on this platform is very confusing because of the hidden mirrors on the ceiling and down the edge and the side view to upside-down hanging objects giving you the idea that gravity is reversed and you’re falling down.
Another unconventional art piece making use of a smart phone camera.
A terrifying virtual reality platform. Putting on these glasses you see a bloody scene where a guy is being heavily beaten by another guy with a bat… I didn’t manage to watch it till the end.
Moving upstairs one can again catch a glimpse of the red cubes.
The view from the top floor of Whitney towards Manhattan, I guess some people just visit the museum to enjoy the atmosphere outside on warm days like that one.
Last shot of the red cubes and the passers by before moving to the last part of the museum exhibit.
The American flag, within a larger version of itself, within another larger version of itself. Stuff to think about…
A female statue.
We finish with another weird piece of art, or rather a sad computer game where your character doesn’t have too many options and starves to death no matter what you choose to do.


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