A seaside wedding – G&G

Venue: Sozopol

Lens: Nikkor 85 mm f/1.8

Music: Andrea Bocelli feat. Giorgia – Vivo per lei (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwACh3Xs-FY)

In another attempt to catch up with all the photos I still haven’t managed to show you, here come the shots I made at the wedding of my friends G&G that took place last summer on the Bulgarian seaside. In my previous wedding posts (https://kirilson.com/2016/09/09/a-wedding-in-sofia/ and https://kirilson.com/2016/10/16/another-wedding-in-sofia-rs/) I put more emphasis on the Bulgarian wedding traditions, so here instead I’ll put more emphasis on the wedding party. Watching the photos can never be as much fun as actually celebrating the happy occasion, but I still hope you’ll enjoy the shots and my usual (rather witty!) comments. And of course my best wishes for a very happy shared life of the young couple!

The ceremony took place one late afternoon near a beach in Sozopol, one of the popular summer resorts in Bulgaria very close to the hometown of the groom, Burgas.
The groomsmen, looking ominously…the beach-goers behind them don’t seem particularly distressed though.
The happy face of the groom shouting out “I DO”.
Кум с халки
The best helping in the wedding ring exchange.
Поп 2
There was also a short religious ceremony. This is when I discovered the orthodox priests are allowed to perform weddings outside a church.
The orthodox symbol of the marriage are the wedding crowns.
A short moment between the newly-wed…
Партито започва
…and then it’s time to party!
Първи танц 2
The first dance to the song of Bocelli I linked was perfectly performed by the couple among a cloud of soap bubbles…
Първи танц 4
..and some fireworks.
Пореден танц
The groom had surely rehearsed all the moves for months in advance.
A short break from the dances – the breaking of the banitsa. According to the tradition, the one to keep the bigger piece will be in charge of the financial well-being of the family. The groom only got too little pieces, but I think he’ll happily chill on the beach while his wife takes care of things.
Булка в танц 1
And back to the dances with the bride leading the party all night.
Още танци
Dancing is never enough, everybody should also sing along!
Торта 1
Another short break for cutting the wedding cake…
Торта 2
…and feeding it to each other.
Мъжко хоро
Back to the dancefloor – here a male only traditional Bulgarian round dance. Clearly Bulgarian guys are not very inventive in choosing their shirt colors.
Всички ще са в бяло
But the bride couldn’t be kept off stage for long.
Въздушна целувка
Time for some romantic couple’s songs and an air kiss from the bride before the heavier drinking and partying started. For me it was time to stop taking photos and properly join the celebration.

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