Montauk and New Haven

Venue: Montauk, NY and New Haven, CT

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Blue Oyster Cult – (Don’t fear) The reaper (

In one of my last posts from my not-so-recent-anymore trip to USA, I’ll show you photos from two short one-day trips away from NYC. The first set of photos is from Montauk, on the tip of Long Island, while the second part is from New Haven in Connecticut. There are probably more differences than similarities in these two places, one being a vacation beach party place and the other a very traditional university town, but hopefully you can still enjoy seeing them together.


Starting near the train station in Montauk from the view of a small seaside restaurant.
Lobster roll with sweet potato fries for brunch, a good start of the day.
The hike after brunch took us all the way from the centre of Montauk to the tip of Long island through a series of parks…
..until we finally reached the lighthouse on the top photo and the small beach full of these man-made rock figures.
Another view of the lighthouse on the way back from the beach.
Back to the main beach in the centre of Montauk, surrounded by many restaurants and bars. Unfortunately it was still too cold for dipping in.
Changing suddenly the states and the atmosphere, here we’re seeing the entrance to one of the Victorian gothic buildings in Yale university in New Haven.
The fittingly gothic cemetery is probably the second most popular tourist attraction after Yale university.
Another typical Yale building with the official university logo on tip.
Unfortunately it was a cold rainy day with very few people on the streets in New Haven. On the other hand the weather probably helped this little squirrel to comfortably roam the streets.
Another rainy shot of the Yale campus, looking very similarly to its overseas analogs in Oxford and Cambridge.
The house of the head of that particular college. I guess Harry Potter fans wouldn’t be surprised seeing one of Harry’s teachers coming out that door.

27 thoughts on “Montauk and New Haven

  1. those little beach stone structures seem to be quite popular in the area. People were all curious about them when they appeared back in the early ’00s on the Long Island Sound but I see they’ve spread.

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  2. Absolutely love the Montauk photos! I’ve never been there and I lived not too far away in CT & NJ for years. The University photos are stately! Nicely done. Your photos are spectacular! Christine

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  3. Really love the diversity of each photo within a unified post.
    two favs – the tree trunk focused with interesting background
    and the food!
    but so much to enjoy here-
    great place

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  4. You take your photo’s from interesting Points Of View. I like that. l’m quite amazed at how close to the ocean that little restaurant actually is. It seems like it wouldn’t take much of a storm to wash it all away. You couldn’t help but be in awe at the history and ultimately the cache of the notable alumni at Yale. It’s interesting to me, that many liberal thinkers I truly admire, share this honour with a few past students I really don’t, Ha! There must be some lively debates from those hallowed halls šŸ˜€ I recently had the pleasure of touring the University in Dunedin, New Zealand. Otago University was stablished in the latter 1800’s, the grounds and architecture are beautiful and inspiring. Cheers Boomdee

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  5. Montauk is one of my fav places on earth. My late husband and I vacayed their for many years. We started out in a cheap motel on the beach as a newly married couple. About ten years later took our three adopted daughters to the Montauk Manor about 4 years in a row. We knew it was a party town for some, but it’s also very much a family resort. And a very romantic, relaxed, not uptight resort for young couples.

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