Rainy Boston

Venue: Boston, MA

Lens: Sigma 35 mm f/1.4

Music: Boston – More than a feeling (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSR6ZzjDZ94)

My last photo story from my American trip is about Boston, where I spent two very rainy and cold days last June. I managed to see most of the historical places and walk along the Freedom Trail, but the weather was so foggy, windy and rainy that most of the photos ended up being very dark and grey. As a consequence I decided to include more photos from inside of various buildings, which are hopefully still worth a look (and of course you already saw my separate post about the MFA, https://kirilson.com/2018/04/07/us-art-mfa-boston/).

The view from the Boston Public Garden to various business buildings surrounding it.
There were plenty of squirrels in the park, and this one was polite enough to eat it’s nut and pose for me without moving too much.
A slightly longer exposure shot in the metro with its interesting “T”-logo, on my way towards the start of the Freedom Trail in Charlestown.
Somewhere along the trail, after a number of historical buildings, churches and ships hidden in the fog, I ended up in this backyard with a very saintly looking statue.
Somewhere next to the historical Old State House (on the top photo) I found this dramatic memorial of the Irish famine two centuries ago.
Another historical landmark along the trail with a peaceful donkey outside, symbolizing the Democratic party.
On the next day the rain persisted so I decided to spend some time in the Boston Public Library, which is a truly gorgeous building.
A sneak peek into the main library hall.
A more proper look at the main hall of the library where I was careful enough not to disturb the anyone.
Probably this shot gives you a more proper perspective on just how impressive the main reading room is.
A last shot from the library backyard before venturing out into the rain.
The view towards the Financial District from across the river.
A last rainy shot of the beautiful Chinatown Gate on my way to the station.
The impressive dome of Boston’s South Station on my way back to NYC.

38 thoughts on “Rainy Boston

  1. Sometimes cloudy rainy photos are better… as in this case. I grew up not far from Boston, and June rain can be cold! Sorry you missed out on the sunshine.

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  2. Hi! I saw you popped over to my blog and wanted to come and see what you’re up to here. How glorious are all your photo’s! I’ve never been to Boston, but I really think I must. The library is colossal and splendid in every way. The green glass lamps make a beautiful impression against the neutral backdrop of sage books and stone walls. The wee squirrel was so brave, what a darling to be out in the rain and wait for your shot. I actually think everything looked very pretty in the rain. Thanks for sharing! Boomdee 😀

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  3. Hey mr. Kirlison and all. I am a newcomer on wordpress and my first blog deadly technologyvol1. got mr. kirlison interested. Mr. kirlison, i am an indian boy and have never been abroad. Heartfelt thanks for the pictures-they made me feel i was there at boston. I feel you should visit india and geta few pics. And deadly technology vol2. is out- you can check it if you want to.. my site’s name is Short Stories


  4. Ah, you’ve brought back some wonderful memories for me. It’s been many years since I was in Boston, but your photos made it seem just like yesterday.

    The main reading room of the Boston library is STUNNING. If I ever return to Boston, I’m heading straight there.

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