Southeast Bulgarian road trip I: Plovdiv

Venue: Plovdiv

Lens: Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4

Music: Equinox – Bones (

After many posts from various places, we are (temporarily) moving back to Bulgaria with some photos at the end of last summer from a road trip for the last weekend of the season on the seaside. On our way to Burgas and the southern seaside (which you’ll see in my next post) we first decided to spend an evening in Plovdiv, more or less midway between Sofia and Burgas. Some of you might have already seen winter photos from Plovdiv in one of my very first posts (, but I think it’s also worth having a look of Plovdiv in summer.

We start at one of the central squares in Plovdiv, dominated by a big mosque from the Ottoman times of Bulgaria.
Further down the main walking street is the main advertisement of Plovdiv for next year, when it will serve as the European capital of culture together with Matera in Italy (which you’ll also get to see soon in one of my posts).
It was a rainy September evening and the usual liveliness of the town was not that obvious from the mostly empty bars and restaurants.
Fortunately the rain stopped and didn’t prevent us from a walk in the nearby park with lots of nice fountains.
The most interesting were the “singing” fountains that do a sort of program with changings lights, water patterns and music. It’s one of these cases when taking photos is not really suitable for conveying the beauty of a place.
We also decided to spend the morning in Plovdiv before driving off the seaside, so we had breakfast in the hipstery “Kapana” district.
The underpass with the Bulgarian flag graffiti taking you from the modern centre of Plovdiv to its old town, dominated by 18th and 19th century houses in the typical style that you see on the top photo.
It was still early in the morning without too many of the usual tourists in the area, but these street musicians were already playing and singing happily.
A detail on the roof of one of the old houses, not really sure what it represents but I found it cool for a photo.
The ancient Roman theater is still used for various concerts and cultural activities.
A typical little street in the old town, I took an identical photo of the same street covered in snow two years ago in my previous post about Plovdiv.
Passing by one of the little shops in the old town, it looks like they’re offering to the tourists to take photos while dressed in traditional Bulgarian clothes from back in the day.
One last view of Plovdiv before heading east. Fortunately for the photographers like me, Plovdiv is built on a series of small hills that allow you to get a nice clear view of the city.

33 thoughts on “Southeast Bulgarian road trip I: Plovdiv

  1. A quaint town 💝 You can see the bits of new meshed in with the old. Lovely post and shots! I especially liked the walkway(the one that’s identical to your winter shot) and the statue holding a crown or something.

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  2. I’m off to Sveti Vlas this summer with the family, we are no staying in Sunny Beach but I think we are planning to go to to Nessebar, any other places you recommend in Bulgaria, not too far away from where we are based? I’ll be with the family so I may have to bribe the kids with a trip to the water parks!
    Almost forgot, the photos are excellent as ever!

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  3. Beautiful photos, beautiful city. Ended up there 5 years ago on trip through Bulgaria and had no idea what to expect beforehand. I think it is certainly a hidden gem 🙂

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  4. Enjoyed your beautiful photos. My daughter and a friend just returned last week from a trek in Bulgaria, and it was fascinating listening to the stories of the good people she met, and seeing pictures of the adventure. This post gives me still another point of view.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. A beautiful city, skillfully presented!

    I spent exactly one night in Plovdiv, when I was 12 years old, let’s see, when was that, in 1967. My parents, brother and I were on our way to Turkey by car. We arrived late in the evening, so we really didn’t see anything, such a pity! But I loved the drive through Bulgaria. There were the most beautiful roses simply everywhere and we passed a horse breeding farm with horses I have never seen since. They were delicately built, and they were all of dark chestnut colour. I would have loved to stop and inquire about them, but my parents didn’t want to.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hey Kiril!

    This place was not even on my radar and now it is on one of my top places to see! Next plane ticket I buy may be to Bulgaria!!

    Your friends at GKexplorers,


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