Southeast Bulgarian road trip II: shades of blue

Venue: Burgas, Sozopol, Varvara, Sinemorets

Lens: Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4

Music: Tonika – Burgas evenings / Тоника – Бургаски вечери (

After Plovdiv, the continuation of our road trip eventually took us to the southern Bulgarian seaside. Although I’ve already shown you some of it (, I think one never gets tired of the sunset by the sea (of the sunrise neither, but I can never wake up so early unfortunately). I think the title and most of the photos are self-explanatory in this case, but of course I’ll try to add my ever-so-insightful comments where appropriate.


Our first stop along the sea was Burgas and its famous “bridge” – this is how the locals call the pier you see here.
This elderly couple was chilling on the beach just next to the pier, but I decided to only include them and the open sea in the photo frame for a nicer perspective.
A deserted at the time (late September) beach bar on the central beach in Burgas.
Later this day we arrived at the Kavatsi beach just next to Sozopol, where we set up our tent. The weather was not great, which meant nobody came to the beach and we had it all for ourselves!
Clouds + sunset + sea + sand = not a bad combination…gets even more fun if you try to be creative as on the top photo.
An almost identical shot to the one above, except for a bit longer exposure time resulting in a burgher and less pink sky. You decide which option is better.
Later in the evening we went to the town of Sozopol for dinner and had time for a few more dramatic sky shots.
A small picture gallery in the old town of Sozopol.
This is the “fake” windmill on one of the ethnic style traditional restaurants in Sozopol.
After a stormy night with some beautiful lightnings in the sky over Kavatsi beach (unfortunately it was too dark to get a decent photo), the morning looked much more sunny and calm.
After another hour and half drive to the south we arrived in Sinemorets and one of its three or four beautiful beaches. This is Veleka beach where the river with that name enters the sea, next to the rocks at the back. Too bad I don’t have a drone, the view from above this place must be amazing.
The surfing school shack on Veleka beach, suggestively called “Wind and water”.
The small port for fishing boats in Varvara, the village next to Sinemorets where we spent the night.
The beach in Varvara is rather small, but the view is not disappointing.
The same sunset view from the then deserted beach bar.
On the next morning it was time to head back to Sofia, but not before we visited a small fishing village near Burgas where some local fishermen built semi-legally (most of them fully illegally) their small shacks. The place is not picture-perfect as most of the fisherman are (clearly) not very rich, but the feel of the place is truly special.
The view from the terrace of one of the shacks where a very nice old couple invited us (two random strangers aimlessly walking around) to have a look and offered us snacks and drinks. The authenticity and hospitality of the people in this fishing village make it a truly special Bulgarian place that unfortunately foreign tourists cannot easily experience and appreciate (it is really hard even for a local to find this place on the map as it officially doesn’t exist).

37 thoughts on “Southeast Bulgarian road trip II: shades of blue

  1. Very nice photos! I enjoyed seeing them and more of Bulgaria. Just the other night on TV here, there was a travel show about Bulgaria. Looks very friendly, picturesque and makes for a nice travel experience. Thanks for visiting my blog too (Natural Views).

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