Another seaside wedding – L&E

Venue: Bolata beach, cape Kaliakra, BlackSeaRama golf resort

Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 (pre-wedding) & 85mm f/1.8 (wedding)

Music: Sleeping at last – I’m gonna be (500 miles) (Ā 

This summer I was a guest at the international wedding of a very good friend of mine (L), who married a Dutch guy (E) in a Bulgarian seaside golf resort. Understandably they chose the Bulgarian over the Dutch seaside for their wedding, but as it turned out on their particular wedding day it was really cold and windy. Fortunately, as part of my gift to them we also had a small pre-wedding photoshoot the day before at the beach while it was still warm and they could pose without freezing. So here comes a number of selected shots from the pre-wedding session and then the wedding itself, as always accompanied by my insightful comments.

Our first pre-wedding shoot location was Bolata beach, where the plan was to just improvise.
And improvise we did, together with some of the best friends of the bride and groom and the great help of our inflatable wedding monkey.
We tried to make romantic photos at all the places the beach offered us…
..even if some of the random beach-goers spoilt a bit the view.
We also found this boat on the side of the beach that we were free to play with.
The three main ladies – the bride, the marriage officiant, and the bridesmaid.
An example of the weird things one can find on a Bulgarian beach.
The bride, trying semi-successfully to learn a new dance.
Our next location: cape Kaliakra, around sunset. With some wild poppies around us (top photo).


After a series of self-explanatory shots, this one probably requires a comment. Here the groom is carrying the bride down a small cobblestone road towards the tip of the cape as she was already tired.
One last shot from cape Kaliakra before the big day.
Here it goes: one day later the bride and her mom are walking down to the stage where the ceremony took place.
The ceremony was lead by two of the best friends of the bride and groom…
…and this guy was in charge of the live music.
A bit after the official ceremony and a moment before the start of the wedding dinner.
The first dance of the newly-wed, on the song linked at the beginning.
The bridesmaid’s first dance was a bit less successful as she was trying in vain to perform a traditional Bulgarian dance.
The bride and groom eventually also had to join the traditional dances in fitting attire…
…and they were asked to exchange their clothes at some point, just for the fun of it.
Another Bulgarian tradition: the breaking of the bread. The one left with the bigger piece (here E) is supposed to take care of the financial well-being of the family.
There was also plenty of time for less traditional outfits and dancing styles.
The end of the formal programme: cutting the wedding cake with the encouragement of the DJ.
The bride’s garnet thrown by the groom… none of the eligible bachelors behind seemed very enthusiastic about catching it.
So it was time for the real party to start after all the formal events were over.
The bride was clearly also in a party mood…
…just like the wedding monkey on the chandelier. It was also time for the photographer to stop taking pictures and celebrate properly the great occasion with everyone else.

30 thoughts on “Another seaside wedding – L&E

  1. How lovely and so nice to see traditions from across the globe. I hope the young couple have a long, lovely, long lasting marriage with good friendship, (all married couples should be friends as well) love and much happiness!!

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