Eating with Zheny

Venue: Koto, Sofia city centre

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Led Zeppelin – Kashmir (

In our second photoshoot with Zheny (our first one was outside in the evening lights: she wanted to help promote one of the newly opened Asian fusion restaurants in the centre of Sofia. So the idea was for me to take photos while she’s eating and making “yummy” expressions. I’m not sure our original plan was completely successfully executed, but I still think we made some nice photos for the little time we had to shoot (less than an hour). So I’m curious to see your opinion!

I’ll give less comments than usual as most of the photos are self-evident, but the original idea was that Zheny poses while eating food with hands. Eventually she didn’t like most of these photos…
20180329-DSC_5071 we settled for photos where she’s just holding food…
or cocktails!
She also felt like posing with the interior of the new restaurant.


And back to the food!


Of course she was well prepared to change her outfit and try some different pictures around the restaurant.


Then we changed the food and the table…
..and played a bit with the decoration to eventually create what I think is the best shot we made that afternoon! Do you agree?
A last more sensual shot before our time was up and we had to leave the restaurant workers clean up after us and prepare everything for dinner.

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