The young and the old one

Venue: Lozenets beach, Bulgaria

Lens specs: Nikkor 50 mm – aperture f/11, shutter speed 1/500s, ISO 100

Music: Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson – Forever young (

Very recently I was on a short holiday at the Bulgarian seaside and while enjoying the beach in Lozenets I spotted this little kid helped by his grandfather climbing some small cliffs nearby. Taking a short break from the climb, the two of them then stared together at the sun. And I just couldn’t resist taking a shot, immediately realizing the strong symbolism behind this very ordinary event. So I thought that instead of mixing this one with more pictures from the recent trip, I’ll keep it alone to make it stand out.


7 thoughts on “The young and the old one


    Thank you, Kiril………….I hope you do not mind that I have incorporated this photograph in my post for October birthdays. I particularly like the way in which you did not remove the blue light in front of the two figures!

    You could not have known this but recently I have grown distressed at the state of children in one country and another. No other species mishandles children as our species does. This photo is a tonic for that blue mood of mine! Thanks….. Sarah

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