Italy art tour II: Padova

Venue: Padova

Lens: Sigma 35 mm f/1.4

Music: Plastic Made Sofa – Midnight in Remada (

The next stop on my way to the biennale was Padova (20-30km southwest of Venice), another medieval pretty town hosting a very big and old university (the second oldest in Italy after Bologna and overall fifth in the world according to Wikipedia). It is also less crowded and touristy than Venice, making it a good and somewhat cheaper option to stay if you want to visit the Venice biennale. Padova itself has a lot to offer, as I’ll try to convince you with the photos below.

Starting with two nice examples of modern street art in Padova…
..and moving to the examples of medieval art and architecture.
This is the same small artificial canal, part of the big Prato della Valle square. There are 78 statues of important people for the city in the renaissance times.
The fountain right in the centre of the same square.
The basilica of San Antonio is nearby. It’s a major pilgrimage site during the day and a quiet nice place to walk by at night.
Moving to another old church, that is now a major tourist attraction. The Cappella degli Scrovegni painted by Giotto and his team and rivalling the more famous Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo in Rome.
A close-up of my favorite part of the chapel, depicting the Last Judgement.
From religion to medicine. This is a view from the bottom of the famous Anatomical Theatre in the University of Padova. It was one of the first places in the world where students were thought dissection, and is truly magnificent. The visitors are not allowed to enter the hall and take photos (I illegally took this shot), but I urge anyone interested to check more photos online.
We end the virtual trip of Padova with a photo of the gorgeous ceiling of the Palazzo della Ragione, the medieval town hall situated in the very centre of the city and surrounded by numerous cafes, shops, and markets.


14 thoughts on “Italy art tour II: Padova

  1. I hope you’re looking down also. Some of the most beautiful mosaics are found in Italy. I’ve been making quilts from images of ancient mosaics. There is one just out of my reach that I would love to duplicate. Your photos are beautiful and I’ve been enjoying reading of your adventures.

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  2. I love art and this is really amazing. I have seen a lot of photographs of Italy. But this has made me to stop & look at each one of them closely and relatively read the details. Thanks for sharing.


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