Palais de Tokyo

Venue: Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

Music: Kraftwerk – Metropolis (

Recently I was in Paris for work and one evening had the chance to visit Palais de Tokyo, one of the major modern and contemporary art musea in the centre of Paris. Of course, just like in all other contemporary art spaces, the exhibitions can be fairly abstract and might not appeal to everyone. The particular exhibition I was lucky to catch (as I really enjoyed it very much) was called ON AIR by the Argentinian Tomas Saraceno. The main theme was interconnectedness and it was explored by a series of installations that included plenty of real spider webs, as well as interactive rooms where people could touch various objects (e.g. the photo on top) and thus actively participate in the creation of the pieces of art. Unlike usual, I won’t be describing in detail my photos in the captions in order to keep a bit of mystery (deliberately increased by my black and white choice for all the photos). I instead urge everyone interested to have a look at the official webpage,, or even better just go visit the place.

But before letting you explore the pictures, I have a quick question: while collecting the photos I realized that a recurring theme in my shots is how people watch and interact with art. So I’m wondering if it would be interesting for you to see a dedicated post where I make a short collection of shots with real people observing art pieces? Let me know, and enjoy the rest of the photos!


16 thoughts on “Palais de Tokyo

  1. Yes, absolutely, I would LOVE to see a dedicated post of real people interacting with art! You’re off to a spectacular start with these shots already. 😉

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  2. I like the way you kept the people out of focus, letting us focus on the webs of various kinds. What an interesting concept for an exhibit! It must have been quite fascinating. And yes, to the people observing art. 🙂


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      1. It was not done on purpose, but I’ve usurped you with one I had from 1964/5 of guys looking at a statue. See Music 22 post. Chris


  3. Hey my goes it I’ve been on Instagram now mostly
    So it takes time to do 2 blogs
    kleemansheldon is me on Instagram


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