Around Puglia I: Polignano a Mare

Venue: Polignano a Mare, Puglia

Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

Music: Domenico Modugno – Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare)(

I know I have already made various posts with photos from Italy, but I have to warn you there’s a lot more to come! In particular this is the first post from a long series about Puglia, the southeastern-most province of Italy, or better known as the heel of the booth. Last spring I was on a week-long trip in Puglia (with a short “jump” to the neighboring region of Basilicata to see Matera) and each day we visited a different town that you’ll be able to see in a different post. Going chronologically I start with Polignano a Mare, a little town near Bari where we spent the first day of the trip. Apart from being a popular summer sea resort, Polignano is best known as the birth place of Domenico Modugno (famous for his beautiful song “Volare”).

This is the tiny photogenic beach in the cliffs, on which Polignano is built.
And yes, I very literally meant that the town in built on top of the cliffs.
A cosy restaurant in the old cobblestone centre of town. Even if off-season, one could see that the town is very touristy and is full with romantic restaurants and cute guesthouses (e.g. the decorations on the top photo).
The other thing you notice in Polignano are references to Modugno all over the place. I certainly understand and share the sentiment.
The tiny beach from the opposite viewpoint…and some more shades of blue (the name of the song “Nel blu dipinto di blu” means “In the blue painted in blue” and is inspired by a Marc Chagall painting).
And this is the statue of Modugno himself, ready to fly off (the other name of the song, “Volare”, means “Flying”).
On the next morning we had a bit more time to roam around town and find cute ornaments on the walls…
..and even some older art pieces.
A last photo of a small side street with old houses and many flowers. Stay tuned for more of these little streets in other towns around Puglia.


17 thoughts on “Around Puglia I: Polignano a Mare

  1. Your photos are wonderful — so full of atmosphere and emotion! And as others have said, please keep them coming. Every one of your posts is like a mini-vacation.

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