Around Puglia II: Ostuni

Venue: Ostuni, Puglia

Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

Music: Adriano Celentano – Azzuro (

The next stop on our Puglia trip was Ostuni, where we arrived with the train from Polignano. Ostuni is another small touristy town with an charming old centre, a little bit further away from the sea. It reminded me a little bit of a Greek town for its white houses with blue or green doors, and the vast fields of olive trees around it. And of course this is hardly a coincidence given Puglia’s history as part of Ancient Greece before the Roman empire settled in, long long time ago.

Ostuni is situated on a hill and the streets in the old town are tiny and winding in random directions, but it is a real pleasure to get lost in there and take your time to wander around.
The old houses and their arches are almost as complicated to follow as the streets, and equally charming.
More beautiful old houses and more clean blue sky and warm weather.
Sometimes the streets end with stairs, so they really are not meant for cars…which is even better as far as I’m concerned.
Osteria of the lost time – our lunch choice with some amazing cheese, pasta and wine options.
After lunch we had more time to roam around the streets, but I wouldn’t mind having a Vespa myself.
More of the charming doors.
The same door from a different angle, and some laundry drying out, as everywhere in Italy.
Of course there are also plenty of charming artsy shops and cafes…
… and plenty of old churches and cathedrals too.
Another campanile, or bell tower, before it was time for us to head to the train station. Care to guess the next stop?


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