Around Puglia III: Lecce

Venue: Lecce, Salento

Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

Music: Bruno Petrarchi – La luna mmenzu mmare (

Next stop after Ostuni was baroque Lecce, “the Florence of the South” and one of the main cultural centres in Puglia, where we spent one night. It is the main city of the Salento region, the southernmost part of Puglia where the Italian language I learnt in the north is particularly useless. Unfortunately it started raining a lot in the evening, so most of the photos below are from a very short stroll on the morning. And I think Lecce’s architecture and atmosphere can be properly felt only in the evening… but oh well, hope you still enjoy the photos! And stay tuned for more places in Puglia. Anyone wants to guess what was the next stop after Lecce?

There were some problems with the original house we booked in Airbnb so they moved us to a place overlooking the main square of Lecce. Not bad, eh? The statue on top of the column is that of Saint Oronzo, the patron saint of the city. In fact most of the places we visited in Puglia had a column of their main saint and it seems to be a typically southern Italian tradition.
And this is the other main square – Piazza del Duomo – with the main cathedral and the ominous looking clouds above.
One last shot of the baroque architecture in the evening before the rain started..
…and a fast peek in one of the main churches before dinner time.
In the morning weather had changed completely and we enjoyed our café and cornetto with pistachio filling outside.
There was a bit of time left to enjoy the smaller streets in the city centre..
..and to discover some beautiful little squares and local shops.
And of course at every possible corner in the centre of Lecce there is a church.
One last view to the main cathedral before we had to hurry for the train to our next destination. This last photo is actually the same with the photo on top, and yet quite different, no?


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