Around Puglia V: Alberobello

Venue: Alberobello, Puglia

Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

Lightroom preset: Aged Photo

Music: The misty mountains cold (

The next stop on our Puglia trip was the small but rather famous and touristy town of Alberobello. It is known for its unique architecture, the “trullo” houses or just “trulli”. As you can already see on the top photo the trulli are windowless, have a circular form with a pointy conical stone roof and look like fairy tale, dwarf or smurf buildings rather than places where usual people lived for centuries. I believe the history of how these houses came to be is that the people in the region were not eager to pay taxes for house-ownership and the trulli were enjoying a tax exemption since they had a temporary status, the original trulli could be disassembled within hours. So, Alberobello became the main gathering centre for all the tax-evaders and a few centuries later also became one of the main tourist destinations in Puglia because of its surreal look. Unfortunately the weather was quite bad during our stay so I apologize if the photos are not perfect, I tried to emphasize the trulli-effect by making them retro style. But no matter whether you like the shots or not, I guarantee you that staying in a trullo even for just one evening is well-worth the travel!

Here is an example of a typical trullo roof on a small side street in the UNESCO heritage part of Alberobello.
A panoramic view over the part of town with highest concentration of trulli.
One of the main walking streets that now hosts various souvenir shops and cafes for tourists.
The iconic Fiat 500 to remind us we are still in Italy and not in a cartoon.
A typical side street in Alberobello. Some of the trulli are now restaurant and hotels, but many remain normal livable houses.
A trullo winery.
Even the church was a trullo-church with the typical conical roof.
Later at night and back to the main street, where we found a great Osteria with delicious gnummareddi, the local Pugliese version of sausages.
An evening shot from the main square, the town hall unfortunately does not have a trullo roof unlike most other buildings.
Another rainy night shot of the main walking street before going to bed.
The rain unfortunately persisted in the next day so after a short walk we headed to the train station to our next destination – any guesses about it?


10 thoughts on “Around Puglia V: Alberobello

  1. What a shame the weather was bad for your visit — but on the bright side, the rain added some lovely atmosphere to your (beautiful) photographs! Thank you for teaching me about this beautiful and unique place.

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  2. I enjoyed every photo for different reasons – the lighting in the street shot with window display boxes and lamppost was artsy and the one of the main square – with lady walking and truck was a nice moment – and the fiat did bring us back to now –
    Safe travels to ya 😉

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  3. These trulli were occasionally erected in wine-growing regions of Germany amid the vinyards, where a person could stay during harvest season to chase away flocks of hungry birds from the ripe grapes by firing shots in the air. To see so many in close proximity is amazing.


  4. Wow! The framework for these homes must be amazing to be able to hold all that stone. Great photos. The weather did nothing but enhance the pictures as far as I can see. I am curious though, what do the symbols on some of the roofs signify?


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