Around Puglia VII: Bari

Venue: Bari, Puglia

Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

Music: Domenico Modugno – Piove (

The last stop on our Puglia trip was fittingly also it’s main city, Bari. Bari combines some of the main features of all the other places you saw, such as the relaxed atmosphere bringing you back in time, the historic baroque style and important religious sites, the blue Adriatic sea, and as always in Italy the amazing typical food. But on top of all that, Bari is actually a fairly big port and a major student city with very lively streets, bars and restaurants. So I hope you enjoy, and with this the Puglia photo-series is now officially over! So I’ll be soon off to showing you brand new places and people. But just out of curiosity first I’d be very interested if you leave comments with your opinion on the place you liked most in Puglia, in case you did like something of course.

This is probably the most visited tourist site in Bari, the Basilica of Saint Nicholas that hosts the relics of the famous saint that many centuries later was turned into Santa Claus.
A sunset lit and flower-covered balcony in the old town of Bari.
Some of the houses in the old town with many tv-antennas on top.
On the left you see a part of the big Norman castle that is another of the main landmarks in Bari…
..but for me the beauty of Bari is in the small side streets and little places where people live, instead of the big old buildings like cathedrals and castles.
The evening was slowly advancing and the smell of home-cooked food was starting to spread around the streets of the old town…
..but these kids were clearly not yet ready for dinner and preferred chasing the ball for a while more.
Others were already having a beer on the street chatting with the people passing by. It looked like everyone knows everyone else on the tiny streets of Bari’s old town and people were happy to talk with their neighbors, an atmosphere of times long gone in many other places.
More balconies and church domes…
and more tiny streets with people walking leisurely around.
A small shop selling very photogenic vegetables that made us realize it’s almost time for dinner.
But just before heading to our restaurant we had to stop by the sea and enjoy for a while the perfect evening light and all these small boats rocking around.


19 thoughts on “Around Puglia VII: Bari

  1. I’ve only seen this one series, but it’s lovely. My eye was caught by the shot with the yellow door and the last three. The old buildings with the huge antenna made me smile. I love walking around the old streets in European towns, although my streets have been almost all in France for many years as I visit relatives each year. But that’s OK. 🙂 I’m not complaining.



  2. I have read this post with great pleasure because I was born at Bari and at Bari I have lived for many years. I visited the sites millions of time. Bari is a wonderful city an I hope that many people can visit it. The only thing I would like to tell you is that at Bari is famous above all for his romanic style (no baroque). You can find wonderful baroque sites at Lecce, 150 km from Bari. Thanks for your post! 🙂


  3. Excellent post and lovely picture.
    However, being a photography enthusiast myself, I couldn’t resist from asking. Why did you choose to post the photo with the vegetables, despite it being not being sharp enough? Was it special for some reason?


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