Anna Maria

Venue: Abandoned hotel, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Glass Animals – Youth (

After a short international break (loads of photos from Japan coming up at some point) I’m back to posting some (by now) older photos. So here’s a photoshoot with the young Anna Maria at one of my favorite places, the abandoned hotel in the outskirts of Sofia where I already took photos of Lily (, Ivelina (, and Asia ( Anna Maria is just 18 years old and about to finish her high school and go to university (or maybe become a model, who knows?). So enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more soon!

Anna Maria in her choice of black outfit exploring the shattered rooms and halls of the abandoned hotel.
There were several flights of stairs and plenty of other interesting places to explore and pose.
This is her second outfit, we used them interchangeably to see what fits best on the chaotic background. Which outfit do you prefer more?
Shots being fired..
Inside what I think used to be the main lobby, or maybe restaurant, who knows.
The leather jacket here looks as if she had some black wings.
A wider view shot of Anna Maria on the second floor staircase.
A black & white try, I think it also works well.


“Help me”
Coming out of the window frame..
A fun “iluminati” graffiti.
Some outdoor posing that I decided looks better in black & white.
A last photo outside with the other clothes before our time was up and we headed back to the city to watch a football game.


8 thoughts on “Anna Maria

  1. She’s beautiful, yet schoolgirlish and a bit too flashy. Maybe a different scenery (an abandoned amusement park, let’s say?) would fit her better. Nice work, however 🙂 She’ll grow up.


  2. Hi There : Just coming across you .. as you just came across me .. via my story RE: Notre-Dame .. Wonderfully original .. creative .. Eye-Catching .. Uber Unique perspective you share via these photos of girl in abandoned building. The dichotomy of same yields unpredictably beautifully interesting images ..


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