Venue: Abandoned hotel, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Oasis – She’s electric (

Today we are back to my favorite abandoned hotel in the outskirts of Sofia, this time with Anna (but not Anna Maria!) and with some more provocative photos in sexy underwear. Anna is a student in Sofia and in the same time working as a fitness instructor, which explains why she’s so much in shape. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos with her and leave feedback in your comments as usual. And even if you don’t like this particular photoshoot, stay tuned for new travel shots coming soon!

We start at the second floor of the abandoned hotel and white lingerie…
..trying some different poses…
..changing in black and going half a floor up…
More posing on the staircase…
…and a change of perspective.
Going back to the white lingerie for a change.
A room with some fun graffiti.
And back to black.
We also made it to the top floor of the hotel, which has decayed even more than the rest.
Going slowly back down…
On the first floor at the hotel lobby, which was painted with some Egyptian mythology motives.
More shots with the old Egyptian gods, just as on the top photo.
And we finally made it outside for a few last shots, where Anna felt she has to put some extra clothes before posing.



10 thoughts on “Anna

  1. From a woman’s perspective, the photo setting is incredible, and so is Anna, the model. Since I modeled in my younger days, I can appreciate you as a photographer promoting her. Just a thought, what about a redo in the same place with Anna in country dress? Different hair styles? That would be so cool! 📚🎶 Christine

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  2. I consider taking pictures of young women in poses such as these an anachronism of our times. I am old, but hope that a angry horde of women in the future doesn’t charge and do away with some of the more say, conservative of our gender. Seriously, the question needs to be asked: How did we degenerate from the almost philosophical beauty of greek sculpture or even Michelangelo to images that ooze sex and the desire to show and see.
    No offense – I like your photography for its finesse and technique. It is the question of the subject matter that I wonder about.

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  3. Oh yes, I remember…
    Mais òu sont les neiges d’antan…youth and beauty: happy be those whom have neither and don’t crave either one of those two…and of course: lucky those who had and lost than never loved at all!!!


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