Art in the metro, Napoli edition

Venue: Napoli underground

Camera: Samsung S7

Music: Funiculì Funiculà (

Another post from Napoli coming with another less commonly featured theme in this blog, contemporary art inside metro stations. Maybe some of you have already seen my photos from the Stockholm metro (, but it’s clear most people don’t immediately make the connection between underground trains and art. Well, I hope my photos help showing you a different and more beautiful example of how metro stations everywhere in the world could look like.

Our journey starts at Universita station under central Napoli, taking the elevator down to the lower level.
At the lower level of Universita station…
…and getting close to the train platform.
The next stop is Vanvitelli!
An eerie looking pentagram on the way out of Vanvitelli.
After some time on the outside for a pizza and some gelato (ice-cream) we headed back to Vanvitelli and the next train ride.
We stepped off Materdei, not because we were actually heading this way but because I wanted to have a look at the station.
Upstairs at Materdei…
..and back down to the platform and onto the next train to…
..Toledo station, at the historic centre of Napoli.
I am pretty sure Toledo station is ranked among the most amazing metro stations in the world. If not, it should be!
You see the very first photo of this post? This is the view when you’re actually on that elevator and looking up. It’s not a black hole, but actually a window all the way up above the ground.
And after going out of the station I of course had to take a look down through that same window and the elevator beneath. A pretty cool way of leaving the metro and getting to explore the city centre, no?


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