The People of Sri Lanka

Today is Sri Lanka’s day of mourning for the loss of more than 300 lives in a series of terror attacks in Catholic churches and hotels in the capital Colombo and around the country. I’m not good in writing emotional words and have no power to change things or comfort the suffering, but I would like to send a message of love and offer my condolences and support to the people of Sri Lanka with a series of photos. I had the fortune of visiting this beautiful country several months ago and in the very short period of my travels met so many friendly and welcoming people, some of whom I managed to capture with my camera. The first photo you see above was taken in St. Anthony’s shrine in Colombo at the Sunday morning mass, and I’m sure the church was even more crowded with innocent people two days ago when a bomb went off. I did not personally know any of the victims, but it is clear that they were very ordinary people like you and me and like all the smiley,Β  expressive and honest faces you’ll see below. So we can all take a minute to mourn their loss and contemplate on the responsibility we all have in such a globalized world where everyone and everything is interconnected.

A woman in Sigiriya showing the traditional way of cleaning rice.
A smiling cook at a roadside open kitchen selling roti and other small snacks.
A peanut vendor on the street in Nuwara Eliya.
A beautiful local family at the train stop in Nuwara Eliya. The kids were very shy but asked me to take a picture of them.
Our driver, local guide and good buddy, Susante, enjoying the Ella landscape.
We lost our way around the tea plantations in Ella and this old woman and her shy granddaughter came with us through the forest to lead our way. At the end they also happily posed for this photo.
Another woman living nearby sold us orange coconut juice…
..while her kids were busy playing and posing for me.
Two old fisherman in front of their colorful boat in the port of Mirissa, serving as a fish market in the early morning.
Another old fisherman observing peacefully the hustle and bustle of the fish market.
A man carving traditional masks for a small souvenir shop on the side of the main road.
A caretaker in a turtle sanctuary, protecting hundreds of injured sea turtles and releasing them back in the wild after their recovery.
A street vendor in central Colombo, who was very happy and eager to pose for a picture. He was selling flowers to the church goers right next to St. Anthony’s shrine.
Morning in Colombo. An old man is taking an improvised shower before work with a bucket of water on the roof of his home.
The first street vendors in Colombo on a Sunday morning shortly before our flight out of the country.


45 thoughts on “The People of Sri Lanka

  1. You’re better with words than you realize β€” you’ve written a beautiful testament to the people of Sri Lanka. And your gorgeous photos tell such a wonderful story, too! I hope your message of love will somehow reach someone who is mourning today and tell them they are not alone. Thank you for this …

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  2. Wonderful and touching post. You’re right. We the people around the world want to be free to enjoy everyday life without threats or suppression. I looked at the faces of these dear folks and my heart was touched. May God protect and touch those who love and desire peace. Thanks for the insight and reminders.

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  3. I am just in love with these photos. The people are so beautiful and such kindness on their faces. Makes me realize, even more than I do already, that happiness is not being in frustration with what we don’t have but with 100% gratitude of what we do. I will be back for sure.

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  4. Sometimes words don’t come out easily, but your gesture showing pics of the beautiful island is more than appreciated. A fine and meaningful tribute as all others are saying in the comments.

    Glad to read more and more blogs giving solidarity to Sri Lanka, telling their own experiences there. As recently media are portraying SL with the wrong image.

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  5. Awesome photos of an awesome country full of awesome people πŸ™‚

    I took a trip there a few years ago, and the memories are still fresh, a great desire to return. From the sights, the people, and then the food πŸ™‚ Great post.

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  6. As a Sri Lankan… taking this personally πŸ˜ƒ Thank you Kirilson for caring enough to post these pics … and to all the others for the words of love and support for my country. Life slowly crawling back to a semblance of what it used to be. The pain will continue for a long time I guess… but we will move on. A lot of good has also come about…much greater unity and a determination to endure all for peace. Blessings …

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