Sofia graffiti

Venue: Hadji Dimitar and the Old Jewish neighborhood, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4 & Samsung S10 camera

Music: Upsurt – Kolega (

After many posts from my travel around the world I decided it’s time for a few local shots from Sofia and its street art. Just like the New York graffiti scene being based in Bushwick (as reported in, the most of street art in Sofia can also be found in the more run-down parts of the city. This makes the street art even more meaningful and beautiful in my opinion, so the two afternoons it took me to walk around the places you’ll see was definitely time well-spent. After browsing through my Bushwick photos and comparing them with the ones below I think you’ll realize the artists in Bulgaria are really world class. So, enjoy!

So we start with the most famous Bugarian street artist, Nasimo, and his mural “Memorial” that features on the top photo as well.
Another mural with a mushroomy theme, by Etam.
This was created by Bozko, who has a very recognizable style and is personally my favorite street artist in Sofia.
Another one by Nasimo, depicting “grandpa Dobri”,who was selflessly collecting money in front of churches in Bulgaria for various charitable causes until his death last year when he was 103 years old.
And another one by Nasimo in the same neighborhood with a rather clear message.
On my way out of Hadji Dimitar neighborhood next to the railway tracks close to Sofia central station I also spotted this mural that carries the unmistakable style of Bozko from a few photos back.
A few weeks later, close to the “women market” in Sofia on the wall of a high school I spotted this mural devoted to the Eastern Imperial eagle.
On a smaller house on the other side of the market…
…and another unsigned piece on my way into the old Jewish neighborhood in Sofia.
This is a more recent one by Nasimo, “Hug life”.
This candle sits on the side of the main fire department of Sofia.
Another unknown (at least to me) street artist with a recognizable style.
An open air parking in the city centre that is often used by younger street artists to practice and paint on top of each other.
Nobody dares painting on top of the other wall of the same parking though. This is Bozko with probably the oldest and most recognizable mural in Sofia, carrying a message to the people in the government offices nearby.
The end of the post comes with a much more recent mural, commissioned by a popular burger joint on the side of the building. I’m not sure who the author is, but the amazing detail and style make it the best street art in Sofia for me.


27 thoughts on “Sofia graffiti

  1. 102 and still standing around outside a church and taking donations?! Wow!
    I also love the one of the candle on the side of the fire department! lol !!
    Nice shots of some beautiful art.

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