On the Indian road

Venue: Tamil Nadu & Kerala, South India

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Стефан Вълдобрев / Stefan Valdobrev – По-полека / Take it easy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlTR052uku0)

The time to share more photos from my two-week trip to Sri Lanka and India has come. I figured the best way to introduce you to the mood is to start with some photos from the road in South India, taken mostly from inside the car and mostly in the state of Tamil Nadu where the Indian part of our trip was centered. Much of everyday life in India is in fact centered around the main road, so you can see an amazing and colorful variety of people, animals and goods passing around you (or just standing still when stuck in traffic). While traveling through India we were often listening to that one Bulgarian song I tagged (thanks to our driver Mubarak who found it online and blasted it through the sound system). So now you can really imagine the full experience and mood, which was truly beautiful and unforgettable for me.

On the way up to the hill town of Kodaikanal we met this monkey family enjoying a nice view to the valley downstairs.
A street vendor of chapati (I think) on the way back to the valley.
Stuck in traffic while passing through a bigger town.
Three local women passing by on a motorbike.
The typical busy Indian street with motorbikes, tuk-tuks, minivans, cars, and the occasional ox-powered cart.
Passing through a less busy jungle area and the occasional colorful truck or bus.
More locals on motorbikes around us.
We stopped to explore a small food market we saw by the road.
A smily vendor selling all kinds of green veggies, some of which I had never seen (the spiky cucumber-like ones next to the okra?).
A wider view of the makeshift market.
Back on the road and passing by some cosmetic stores.
Another bigger town with heavy traffic and colorful people.
Getting in Kerala and towards the industrial city of Kochi, one can slowly see more fancy looking signs in English creeping up.
A local family going shopping.
On a small side street of Kochi, our last destination. The old man was very careful not to get any dirt on his robe.


32 thoughts on “On the Indian road

  1. Great Photos
    Showing a slice of South Indian day to day living
    Just don’t be deceived by their apparent innocence
    They are all savvy and intelligent
    So also the animals Great Presentation and choice of words

    Liked by 2 people

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