teamLab Borderless

Venue: Odaiba, Tokyo

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4 & Samsung S10 camera & Huawei P20 camera

Music: Kraftwerk – Electric café (

Earlier the same day when we visited Mr. Kikuchi and his Kaiseki restaurant from my previous post, we also went to the artificial island of Odaiba to visit teamLab Borderless. Probably it can be most correctly described as a collection of immersive interactive digital art installations flowing freely from one to another. But I think in this case the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words fits perfectly, and I’ll let you explore the place via the pictures instead of trying to explain it.

The first installation we ended up in (there are several paths that randomly lead to different places, so literally we happened to end up at this place, while other visitors might start elsewhere) had many many moving flowers and butterflies and relaxing sounds.
And of course, as almost everywhere in Japan, there were plenty of people taking selfies.
Next stop was a completely dark room full of very strong and concentrated floodlights dancing in a given rhythm.
Still inside the floodlight room, here at a higher intensity light.
Another room, or a wall, with some surreal flora and fauna dancing on it.
A room with artificial lily pads that make various noises when touched.
A very cool room full of cables that you can walk through, blinking in various predetermined patterns with matching sounds. Pretty much impossible to actually describe the place without being inside though.
This is how the other people looked in the blinking room, owing also to the floor covered in mirrors.
Still in the blinking room, going for a more artsy shot.
Another one, with cooler bokeh effect.
This is the waterfall room, where the actual floor is shaped to match exactly the projected moving water pattern.
And here we are at an “infinity” room, made of many small changing lights and fully covered with mirrors to give you the feeling that the space is never ending.
Still at the infinity room, waiting for the lights to change…the default color of all lights was pink as on the top photo but they started changing depending on the human presence in the room.
More of the infinity room… we couldn’t get enough of it really.
The last big hall was devoted to kids and various interactive games. Like this one where jumping on the rubber floor created the illusion of curving space-time around you like a black hole. Pretty cool, no?

18 thoughts on “teamLab Borderless

  1. I wish I could be there!
    The closest I can come to an immersive experience is buying vegetables at Smart & Final. When the automatic air misters come on to spray the product, we’re regaled with the sound of thunder and lightning sound effects.
    A poor comparison !!! 🙂

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